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“I would love to play the role of a ghost” – Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar“>

One film after another, Akshay Kumar has just recently surprised us with his action packed film Blue and is now all set to roll out with his upcoming comic film De Dhana Dhan. The man himself was recently here on Bollywood Hungama Celeb Chat to have a one-on-one with his fans but in case you did miss it, we have the excerpts of the chat right here for you.

Akshay: hi guys I am ready! All set to get grilled.

Shaikhu: Hello Akshay Bhaiya, how are you? I am your biggest fan. Since my childhood it is a dream for me to talk to you.

Akshay: hi shaikhu I hope you are at least 30… If you are my biggest fan since childhood that makes me feel really old but never the less its great to have the first question coming like this.

Lakha: What’s up Akki? Saw ur movie Blue last week, ur performance was really good.

Akshay: lahka I am happy that you enjoyed it but I must tell you that I enjoyed shooting it also.

Samira: Hey Akki, I’m in Australia and everyone here loves u and thinks ur superb!

Akshay: Samira, are you from gold cost because I shot two of my films there.

ddd_prs: How did u feel with the sharks?

Akshay: The sharks were busy feeling me what am I going to feel them.

Rahul: I loved your work in Blue. And well looking forward for Action Replay with Aish. I think you 2 share a great chemistry with each other.

Akshay: Thank you for appreciating Blue. Well Action Replay is going to take some time and will be here next summer.

Samira: Who is ur fav co-star? Female and male?

Akshay: Great you remind me of myself

Atul: Hi Akshay! do u sign a movie without reading a script as result Chandni Chowk to China and Sing is King. I think u r over confident just because of ur star power. Is that way?

Akshay: well according to me I enjoyed those movies, but not necessarily everybody has to like it… but I’ll still keep what you’re saying in mind…. see Atul now vivek likes it but remember that you can’t cater to every one…

Samira: Which young actor, do u think will rule Bollywood in years to come?

Akshay: I think there are a couple of them. I like Ranbir, Imrran and Pratik…

Sparsh: What was ur feeling when u were doing the plane stunt in khiladi 420….?

Akshay: Well that was madness wouldn’t advise anyone to do it and nor would i advise myself to do it again…

Samira: Ur fav song in the Blue soundtrack?

Akshay: My fav song is the title song….

Akshay Kumar

Bongohuzz: Akshay you shot Janwaar in Tanzania, Any plans of coming back for any other shoot?

Akshay: Bongohuzz i didn’t shoot Janwaar in Tanzania but i’d still love to come there…

Saad: Hi Akshay, will you be doing any film with Rajkumar Santoshi in future. I think he is a brilliant action director?

Akshay: I agree with you Saad Rajkumar Santoshi is a brilliant director…

Atul: Are you thinking of directing movie in future?

Akshay: I don’t have much of a script sense atul

Sparsh: Can u tell us little bit about ur movie Action Replay…

Akshay: Action Replay is about a time machine, a romantic story.

Pankaj: hi Akshay. why has ur wife stopped working in films?

Akshay: because she thinks she’s not good for it…

Samira: I heard u got hurt in Blue while in the water…I hope u r ok!!! What happened?

Akshay: oh it’s a long long story Samira…

aki_fan: What is the meaning of Akshay?

Akshay: Akshay is a Sanskrit word that means having no limits…

Bongohuzz: Have you been offered David Ellis Next movie?

Akshay: Its too early for me to say yet about that movie…

Rups : Hi Akshay …I think you should do a horror film as well…’Bhool Bhulaiya’ was great, but it wasn’t full fledged horror…what do u think?

Akshay: Yes i do agree with you Rups i love to play the ghost…

Danish: How do u feel about the tag King Kumar given to u?

Akshay: well it changes every Friday so i don’t take it seriously…

Monty: Have you signed a film opposite Anushaka Sharma?

Akshay: yes i have signed a film opposite Anushka.

Emma: Akshay is it true you’re gonna make Blue sequel?

Akshay: Well just come out from a hectic film can not think about the sequel now…

Nazneenh: Will you ever plan a “meet and greet” in USA for your fans? I was just two people away from shaking your hand at your Heat concert, and am dying for a second chance to meet you.

Akshay: yeah sure i would love to be there if i ever get a chance to be there.

RajVarma: A lot of people admire your athleticism and hero persona, will you ever come out with a fitness DVD? Like a 1-on-1 with Akki, I’m sure it would be the biggest blockbuster of the century.

Akshay: Well the kind of work out I do consists mainly of parkour i don’t know if the camera will be able to capture it. I never thought about it but its great that you put the seed in my mind now…

Rav: I am waiting for ur upcoming movie ‘De Dana Dan’…love the promos

Akshay: well if you love the promo you will love the film also…

vidhee10: What was your most thrilling experience while doing Blue?

Akshay: As for Blue it was a thrilling experience…

Akshay Kumar

Nur: Hey Akshay… Was lucky enough to have met u in Singapore. Ur the hottest man alive! So tell how was it like shooting in Singapore? Do u have any memorable experience while shooting for De Dana Dan?

Akshay: I shot there for about 35 to 40 days specifically in pan pacific… the great part is that the Singapore crime rate is 0.03%…

aki_fan: Hey, I would like to see you in negative character. You were good in Ajnabee…

Akshay: Let me finish being a ghost… then I’ll think of playing a negative character…

Nur: Akshay pls spend more time on twitter to connect with ur fans 😉

Akshay: yes i will do that Nur…

Vivek: What is your secret of success?

Akshay: When i get up in the morning i touch my parent’s feet and leave… do that and you will be successful.

lonely_aman: Hello Akshay what makes u happy besides doing movies?

Akshay: playing with my son…

Vishal: I liked Tasveer a lot, expected at least a National Award. But when critics rubbished it I cried the whole night. Imagine a student crying

Akshay: i don’t know about that but my producer cried and he is still crying!

Aakash05: Who is a better human being Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan..?

Akshay: Both are Khans! I am sure both are nice and excellent…

Puja: Who is ur idol akki??

Akshay: At the moment no one…

Prashant: When Hera Pheri 4 is coming?

Akshay: Let Hera Pheri 3 come out first.

Zohaib: Well what were you doing in big boss?

Akshay: Promoting my film Zohaib

Arjun: Akshay are you planning a sequel to Singh is Kinng? This is one of the best movies. I love it so much. Is Katrina really ur lucky mascot?

Akshay: yes i am planning Sing Is King that’s if i get a good script and about Lady Katrina you can say that she is…

aki_fan: Will you allow your son (Arav) to be an actor?

Akshay: Arav is still too small and it’s for him to decide

Aakash05: Why did u changed ur real name…?

Akshay: I didn’t change my name for any reason I changed it because i liked it…

Haris: Hi Akshay are you doing any film with Shahrukh?

Akshay: No I don’t have any movie with Shahrukh.

Nitesh: Akshay among ur movies which is ur fav?

Akshay: I like Sangharsh, Tasveer and which was another flop coz i don’t remember them. I really loved those movies but they failed to work…

Akshay Kumar

Ahmad: Do you have any full comedy movie in this year?

Akshay: Yes De Dhana Dhan is my best comedy movie and I think Priyadarshan’s too

Hero: Is houseful going to release this year in Christmas….???….

Akshay: Houseful isn’t going to release this year…

Maahir: Can you tell us something about your movie Patialla House?

Akshay: let me ask you Maahir when you hear a name Patialla House what do you think it is?

Naima: what is your favourite song that you have filmed?

Akshay: in recent times its De Dhana Dhan which will start airing next week…

Kanu: Hey Akshay can I pls have your Phone number or e-mail id so I can send you mails and stuff. PLS

Akshay: you can catch me on face book.

Samira: Any chance of twinkle returning…i think she was truly fantastic!

Akshay: I don’t think she thinks that way…

Iqra: How was it to work with Sanjay?

Akshay: Sanjay Gupta the camera man was good…

rishi287: Which is the genre which u want to explore more?

Akshay: horror..

Gautam: Good Afternoon Mr. Bhatia. BLUE was extremely entertaining movie, loved it…I read an article regarding Anthony D’Souz planning BLUE 2 with great white shark’s & whales, how far is it true?

Akshay: Its too early for me to speak about it Gautam…

Saad: Hey, Akshay, it’s Saad here from Pakistan. Have you ever been to Pakistan? There’s a huge fan-following here, really.

Akshay: Yes Saad I have been to Lahore.

Monty: Are you nervous when your film doesn’t do well?

Akshay: Well I am nervous when they do well too…

Rav: Love that ‘paisa’ song from De Dhana Dan…..

Akshay: Has it already started? I didn’t even know it had started…

Blue: How was ur Diwali celebration?

Akshay: A small Laxmi pooja burnt some crackers with my son, no playing cards, watched a great horror movie with my wife and went off to sleep.

Ghb: Are you excited about De Dhana Dan?

Akshay: Yes

Amank38: Akki I heard that u got injured while shooting for Action Replay while doing pull up, actually what had happened?

Akshay: no, I didn’t get hurt at all…

Prashant: Action Replay is a remake of The curious case of Benjamin Button…is it true?

Akshay: no not at all Prashant… it is not

Akshay Kumar

Saad: People here in Pakistan thronged to watch Blue last weekend!

Akshay: Yes Saad thank you very much and do let the people know that I adore them…

Sparkle: When r u gonna start some martial arts training institute? I wish to enroll in……

Akshay: It the moment Sparkle I just started my tournament you can enroll in that…

Harry: Hi Akki, how are you?i am one of the biggest fans of yours. The buzz is that Final Destination Director David Ellis wants you to play a lead role in his next venture. So, is it ture?

Akshay: As for David Ellis it’s too early to say anything yet…

Abhishek: Akshay bhai why don’t you try to work in Hollywood as well. With your looks, cool persona and gr8 acting, you have a gr8 future even there

Akshay: Well i wouldn’t deny if I get a proper chance I would love to do that also…

Arjun: I have never seen a star like you loved by everyone. Audience is just crazy for your movies. Your movie gets the biggest opening and your career track is similar to Amitabh Bachchan. I am sure you are the next Shehanshah Baadshah of Bollywood after Mr Bachchan.What you think?

Akshay: well it keeps on changing after every Friday but you can’t compete with Mr. Bachchan…

Sunny: Sir but do u feel Katrina is ur lucky charm?

Akshay: because she is…

Sabid: Akshay where do you get your hair cut?

Akshay: Well the person comes to my house for my haircut…

aki_fan: Akshay, are you religious?

Akshay: speechless…

Puja: Hey do u even have a baby girl??

Akshay: No puja.

Arjun: Akshay are you working with the director of Hollywood movie called Final Destination?

Akshay: Its still too early for me to say anything about that

rishi287: If u open a big gym …I will be the first one to join it….what do u say?

Akshay: Well I myself don’t go into a gym but if I do open one your most welcome…

Samira: Where is ur fav shooting location?

Akshay: Goa Samira…

Akshay Kumar

rishi287: I have heard that Abbas Mustan r planning for Khiladi 2…is it true?

Akshay: no not true.

Puri: Plzz come to Delhi to promote ur movie De Dhana Dan.

Akshay: Don’t worry my producer will bring me there.

Puri: Do u have any plans to direct a movie?

Akshay: no, a big No puri

Garry: Hi Akshay, why don’t u do a movie based on parkour?

Akshay: Garry yes I am going to do that next on my mind but thanks anyway.

Sabid: Akshay who do u think is the most beautiful women in the world

Akshay: my wife

Arpit: 1. What was your experience like shooting for the film Elaan? I think that the action sequences in Elaan changed action in Bollywood forever and almost

made me a die hard fan of yours.

Akshay: Well I am surprised you remember Elaan yes I remember the jail sequence was good even I have forgotten about that

Puja: Where is Blue’s under water shot??

Akshay: Blue was shot in the Bahamas.

Akki: Hi Akshay, when is your Hello India movie is getting released?

Akshay: by next year

neha23: who do u think is best u or Aamir Khan?

Akshay: Aamir Khan

Arpit: 2.Do you plan on doing any more concert tours or other types of tours in the future?

Akshay: Not yet Arpit

Christy: Have you seen any of Tony’s films?

Akshay: This was the first of Tony’s films…

neha23: Hi Akshay 🙂 wat made u sign Bule and De Dhana Dan..?

Akshay: Blue was a different kind of script and action while De Dhana Dhan is comedy because I love doing comic films.

Shaikhu: Akshay any plans to work with Ram Gopal Verma?

Akshay: Good question, don’t know the answer…

Akshay: Good bye guys IS hope to speak to you later… lots of love and prayers Akshay.

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