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“I will not do a bad action film to change my image” – Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar Kapoor“>

He is someone who can very rightly be ‘credited’ for injecting Bollywood with the fool-proof virus called ‘Numerology’. We are indeed talking about Tusshar Kapoor, the illustrious son of the eternal ‘Jumping Jack’ Jeetendra and brother of the TV Czarina Ekta Kapoor. Even though Tusshar did not have a dream run at the B-O’s windows, critics find it really tough to pull him down, thanks to his sincerity which comes across in all his performances.
After having enthralled the audiences with his ‘muted laugh-a-thon’ act in the smash hit Golmaal Returns, Tusshar is back with yet another cracker of a film called Life Partner, in which he is paired opposite Bolly land’s latest ‘blue eyed girl’ Prachi Desai. If the promos of Life Partner are anything to go by, then, Tusshar is surely sitting on a goldmine with this film.

Bollywood Hungama caught up with this man for an exclusive interview, whereby he talks about his Life Partner and much more. Read on and find out.

Tusshar, to start with, what’s the film Life Partner all about?

It’s a fun, light hearted take on friendship, marriage and relationships in general. It’s about the ups and downs any common man faces due to the marriage. It’s an out and out comedy and is not a serious film, which everybody in the audience will identify with. We all get into a relationship sometimes or the other, be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage or even live in relationships too! There are at least ten scenes in every aspect of the film which the audience will surely connect with, as it’s a film for all age groups. All of us are sincerely hoping that it should hit the right cord (smiles).

Life Partner is a film which everybody in the audience will easily identify with.

What was it about the film that made you sign it?

The narration of the film itself was damn entertaining. I got to do a family drama that I have signed after such a long time. It’s a film that has got a universal appeal. It’s got the wholesome feel.

How was your experience playing a married man for the first time on the silver screen?

I just tried to understand Bhavesh (my character in the film) and what he would go through the different phases of his life. Since I am not married, I had to use all my imagination to experience all the phases of various emotions that comes into his personality as the character experiences things like marriage, joint family and their take on marriage. I totally relied on my imagination and creativity to understand and ‘live’ the character of Bhavesh’s life! This character was as similar as any other character that one gets to see in daily life, nothing larger than life. It’s just that the situation that Bhavesh faces is different and new, which meant that it was more challenging for me as an actor.

Wearing and removing the moustache was slightly irritating at times

Not just that, were you comfortable sporting the moustache? Was it a part of your character since its inception? Or was it included because you were supposed to look old?

It was always a part of the character. Even though the director had conceived it since start, we all zeroed down in confidence that Bhavesh should have a moustache to make it look more authentic Gujarati. I am not wearing the moustache throughout the film. I have to confess that wearing the moustache and removing it was slightly irritating at times. I start wearing the moustache, only post marriage. Overall, I had fun doing this role.

In Life Partner, we have shown how psychology plays an important role in any kind of relationship.

In other words, can one say that Life Partner is a matured take on marriage and relationships?

I do not know if it’s matured or not, but I can surely say that it’s for real. In that sense, it’s very matured. What we have shown is what exactly happens in practically every family, which includes rules and regulations, expectations from your life partner. We have also shown how psychology plays an important role in any kind of relationship.

Was playing the character of a Gujjubhai tough? Did you undergo any training for the character?

It was not tough at all. Bhavesh has been shown as a Gujarati, more in terms of the way he looks. And since Gujaratis do not have any specific kind of mannerisms, the mannerisms sported by Bhavesh are his own. It’s only the dialect of Bhavesh which included a few words here and there were intentionally made in tune with the Gujaratis. Even the clothes that Bhavesh wears were the typical ‘NRI corporate Gujju’. But what I really had to work on was the behavioral pattern of Bhavesh and his reactions to the issues that he faces due to the situations and circumstances around him.

And as far as doing my homework for playing the Gujju Bhavesh is concerned, my director used to chip in with his suggestions. I have traveled all over and I know how NRIs are culturally bred! So, it was not really that tough for me to play Bhavesh.

Even the clothes that I wore in Life Partner were the typical ‘NRI corporate Gujju’ types!

Life Partner is about 3 guys having 3 different approaches towards the institution of marriage. Of the three, which character’s approach do you endorse in real life?

I totally endorse Karan’s (Fardeen) approach, which is love marriage, and may even endorse live-in relationship like Jeet (Govinda). But, in real-life, I will never go in for an arranged marriage, very much unlike my character in the film.

I will never go in for an arranged marriage

Is it only in the film that you believe in the saying ‘Marriages are made in heaven and arranged on earth’? Or do you agree the same even in real life?

In real life, I do not think that marriages are made in heaven. What I feel is that, in this world, what we do for ourselves is what we get in return. We just cannot attribute our success or failure to heaven or hell (laughs).

I do not think that marriages are made in heaven

What’s your take on one-night-stands and live in relationships?

I would classify one night stands as ‘To each his own’; as long as one is clear about the other person not being taken for a ride. And as far as live in relationships are concerned, one needs to understand and weigh the amount of commitments towards each other. Live in relationships just does not mean merely living with each other. It also means to perform certain duties which are expected of you. In other words, live in relationships, to me is an open commitment and communication towards and with each other.

In one of your earlier interviews, you had said that Life Partner is a romantic, musical and social entertainer. What’s the social message that you are giving out through this film?

The social message that we are planning to give out is that ‘Marriage is not a destination, it’s a journey’. It’s not about arranged marriage, love marriage or even relationships. Instead, it’s about how well you live upto the expectations of your partner in all the three above-mentioned aspects. In short, the film is about taking a stand in life in any kind of relationship.

All that we want to tell the audience that ‘Marriage is not a destination, it’s a journey’

In the film, you get sandwiched between your parents and your wife, not knowing whose side you should take. How will you tackle the same situation in real life?

I think that there are certain compromises that both my parents and wife should have to make. Both sides should be kept happy and satisfied all the time, keeping the respect fact or intact. It’s important to draw the lines between both the sides. Still if things don’t work, then, I will have to move out. If the matter is beyond control even after me moving out, then I will head in for a divorce which I believe is a far stretched thing to even think about. I am smart and capable enough of handling such situations.

How was Prachi as a co-star? Was it easy to work with Prachi as she also happens to be your sister’s ‘blue-eyed girl’?

I think it was a little tough as we know each other only professionally. Even though she is my sister’s ‘blue-eyed girl’, we have never met each other on a personal level. I got introduced to her just once or twice before we met on the sets.

Even when we did the honeymoon scene, she was little afraid. I totally understand her side as she is pretty young. I. sometimes wish that we had known each other quite before. I should have asked my sister (Ekta) to have got us introduced so that we could have known each other well. But mark my words, Prachi has done a brilliant job in the film.

Saif Ali Khan
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You are working with the powerhouse of comedy Govinda and Bollywood’s style icon Fardeen Khan for the first time. How was the experience?

While Govindaji is an energetic and fun person who keeps on coming up with his brilliant wisecracks and jokes which keeps the whole unit charged all the time, Fardeen is a little reserved and he keeps to himself most of the times. But he is a cheerful person to the core. If he has the mood, then, he will just be up there! Even though he does not have a shoot, he will still drop in to the sets and will stay back till the wee hours of the morning. He has got no issues in socializing and mingling with the crew. The fact remains that I just do not get along the so-called ‘filmy’ types. And Govindaji and Fardeen are just not that. They are so very casual, cheerful, and won’t throw any starry tantrums even when they are or they are not shooting, and I respect both of them for this. They are very frank and are totally unpretentious.

What is the difference in Govinda’s role as a lawyer in Ekta Kapoor’s Kyonki Main Jhoot Nahi Bolta and now Life Partner?

Except for the fact that he plays a lawyer in both the films, his character is way off than each other. You have to see the film to know what I am talking about. All that I can say is that he is one of a kind of a character in the film, who stands out in every frame.

Do you feel that you have evolved as an actor since your Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai till Life Partner?

It’s kind of tough for me to answer this question. All that I can say is that, in terms of opening up, my comfort level with the camera has been improved tremendously over the years.

My comfort level with the camera has been improved tremendously

How has Life Partner evolved in terms of music?

In terms of the music, I like its overall genre. After a long time in Bollywood, there is a honeymoon song called ‘Teri meri zindagi‘, which has two couples dancing and singing, something that the silver screen has been missing since a long time. Besides this, there’s a comedy song in the film, and a Gujarati song called ‘Goonje angna mein shehnaai‘, which again are very cool songs. As far as my personal favourite is concerned, it’s indeed the honey moon song ‘Teri meri zindagi‘.

Any memorable moments during the shoot of the film?

It indeed has to be the 20th of November, when my birthday was celebrated in Cape Town on the sets. Even though, I am not the birthday party types, but this time round, I simply let my hair down! It was not just an unforgettable incident, but also an unforgettable day of my life.

I am not the birthday party types, but this time, I simply let my hair down!

Hailing from one of the most premier Bollywood families, your real life is anything but a ‘Bollywoodian‘, in terms of your love life and affairs. How have you managed to sail your way though the industry without being linked with any of the heroines?

I just follow one mantra in life, which is to ‘keep my private life private’. If you look at the superstars of yesteryears, they too have done the same. Even my Dad has also been very careful about his personal life coming in print. What I have learnt is that after a certain time in the industry, it’s only your work which will speak for itself, which is what is happening to me. And I am quite happy about it.

Tusshar, talking of Love, we are just 5 months away from the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day. So, who shall be the lucky one, who will be sitting across the table with Tusshar, enjoying a cozy candlelight dinner with music complementing the mood?

I just do not believe in these days. All that I want is to get lucky in love first.

You mean to say that you are still ‘unlucky’?

I haven’t been ‘lucky’ in the last few months. As they say, I am single and ready to mingle (laughs).

I am single and ready to mingle

What are your forthcoming films?

We are ready with Run Bola Run. I am starting Sagar Bellary’s film Double Jhol by Smita Thackeray in September. After that, it’s Golmaal 3 which stars in February next year.

Lastly, after Golmaal Returns, now it’s Life Partner, your second back-to-back comedy. Aren’t you fearing of being typecast?

I am already getting typecast in the comic genre. But I will not do a bad action film to change my image. I have refused lots of action oriented film in the recent past; because of bad scripts etc…Life Partner will be different from Golmaal Returns as it’s not a slapstick comedy.

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