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“I dropped my pants down in front of 100 women” – Sharman Joshi

Sharman Joshi“>

With the festivities of New Year just around the corner, Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots is rocking the box office. One of the idiots, Sharman Joshi, was on Bollywood Hungama Celeb Chat recently, chatting up with surfers’ on the experience of shooting 3 Idiots, working with Aamir, the crazy scene on the sets, expectations and his forthcoming projects.

For all those who missed the live chat, here are the transcripts of the same. Enjoy!

Sharman Joshi : Hi This is Sharman Joshi only on Bollywood

Khan.AR : Hello Sharman!!

manti : So how does it feel that finally the most talked about movie of 2009 if abt to release ?

Sharman Joshi : manti…Absolutely elated with a tinge of sadness

RockY : I am a Big fan of u since Golmaal… Best of Luck for 3 Idiots..!! GOD BLESS !

Sharman Joshi : Rocky…Thanks a lot

taha khan : Are you the third idiot or 2nd?

Sharman Joshi : I am one of the Idiots

nicky : You may have read Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone? After reading it which character were you keen on playing and why?

Sharman Joshi : nicky…Its drastically different from the book…you will know when you watch the film.

Shona : Hey Sharman! I think you are an exceptional actor, very talented. How was it working with a perfectionist like Aamir?

Sharman Joshi : Aamir…He is quite instinctive and perfectionism is generally related to annoyance.

Shona : Any funny incident from 3 idiots?

Sharman Joshi : Plenty of them Shona…The making of the drunken scene you might have seen…that was quite a day.

nicky : What’s the craziest thing you have done in this movie?

Sharman Joshi : Dropped my pants down in front of 100 women…all the women were from IIM-B, location of our shoot.

nicky : How did you land the role in 3 idiots. Did you audition?

Sharman Joshi : nicky…Mr Hirani offered me the part and I was absolutely elated and I did audition for it.

Sharman Joshi

nicky : What were your initial thoughts on playing a 20 something engineering student on screen? Did you think you could do it?

Sharman Joshi : I didnt think that was much of a challenge honestly…I absolutely enjoyed the process.

Shona : Sharman ji,will u ever come for a concert in Norway? Would Lve to see u live!

Sharman Joshi : I would love to come to Norway…Ive never been there and I believe its a beautiful country.

noorpk1 : hi sir your pakistani fan is here how r u

Sharman Joshi : Salaam noor…glad to know you like my work

gilli : Hi Serman, Just read the reviews of the movie on Bollywood Hungama and it has been given 4 and 1/2 star. I am a big fan of Aamir and i am really pleased

with the reviews

Sharman Joshi : gilli… I am delighted too…and now looking forward to the response from the audiences on Thursday.

jaydip : You r the king of comedy….i love ur all films

Sharman Joshi : Thank you jaydip

Shona : Sharman ji, ur a really talented actor. Dying to see u in three idiots

Sharman Joshi : So Kind of you shona

RockY : u r on Facebook? Aamir is in ma FB Friend List 😀

Sharman Joshi : No I am not Rocky…unfortunately for me.

mohit : any plans to work with srk or hrithik

Sharman Joshi : hopefully mohit

nikit : hey sharman, this is nikit from australia! If you remember, we were together on set for sorry bhai in mauritius! Just saw your chat session on here. How are

you doing? Just saying hello, and wishing you all the best for 3i! Am sure it will do well!

Sharman Joshi : Hey nikit…great to hear from you…Of course I remember you…and yes fingers crossed for 3 Idiots.

Jinesh : We are proud to be Idiots! are you?:P

Sharman Joshi : Absolutely Jinesh

loveulongtime : hey sharman..i am huge fan of ur work…i am lookin forward to 3 idiots..i have a question though…do u think 3 idiots can help the youth understand

themselves a little better after watchin ur movie??

Sharman Joshi : For sure I feel that way…Its made a difference to me as a person and as an actor and I hope you too get something from the film.

nlive : hi sharman, which film was more fun to work in, golmaal or 3 idiots?

Sharman Joshi : nlive…Each film of mine is special to me but films like 3 Idiots come once in a while.

nuvi agarwal : Hi Sharman, can you please wave to me and all my friends? Its great to chat live with you!!!

Sharman Joshi : hi nuvi,…how r u doing?

Sharman Joshi

Dollie : OMG sharman is tht really u? i loveeeeee u

Sharman Joshi : I love you too Dollie

noorpk1 : sir do u think 3 idiots will beat gajini

Sharman Joshi : I have no clue…Just hope you enjoy the film

zeeshan : do you think that 3 Idiots is a commercial film for a wide audience or does it cater to just the youngsters…

Sharman Joshi : Its across the board kind of a film and there is something for everyone in it

jaydip : how was ur experience staying in IIM banglore ??

Sharman Joshi : it was absolutely delightful to spend time with the students at IIM-B…Brought back fond memories of my days at college.

nuvi agarwal : What is the most funiest incident from 3 idiots?

Sharman Joshi : There are far too many funny incidents but to mention one I think the shoot of the ragging scene was really funny

taha khan : your movie is releasing in pakistan on 1st jan

Sharman Joshi : Ohhhh…is it? 1st of Jan??? Achcha???

sunitha : hallo sharman i am sunitha from holland.. love your films!!

Sharman Joshi : Thank you Sunitha…Do Hindi films release there in Holland

Najam : hi Harman, I loved ur work in RDB and Life in a Metro, and let me tell you that you are very popular in Pakistan and I was wondering if u will consider

working in Pakistani movies

Sharman Joshi : All that apart Najam….just FYI I had a great time working in Love Story 2050 as well

Noentity : If there is one thing, except you, that you could change within the movie… what would that be ?

Sharman Joshi : Nothing…you have to see it to believe it

mo1zzu : hey sharman all d best for 3I , wen is allah ke bande n toh baat pakki releasing???

Sharman Joshi : Early next year…dont know the exact dates yet.

loveulongtime : i am gonna book my ticket asap..cant wait…i love u guys and the ur chemistry in the all actually made me remeber my uni days…life

was so simple..did u reminisce abt ur college life while doin the movie?

Sharman Joshi : Thanks for your compliments…well..yaa..lot of fond memories of college days were revived.

Sharman fan : are you on twitter?

Sharman Joshi : No I am not …unfortunately

Jinesh : I heard that you bagged the role of 3 Idiots in toilet of PVR Cinema, is it true?

Sharman Joshi : Absolutely Jinesh…completely uncanny but well such are the ways of GOD

Sharman Joshi

paul akash : Hi there! Which is your next film ?

Sharman Joshi : Toh Baat Pakki

Shona : sharman ji, who is ur favourite actor/actress?

Sharman Joshi : Dilip Kumar , and Kajol

Najam : Sharman, you sang few lines in 3I, so are you considering a singing career

Sharman Joshi : Najam…I recited a few lines…I didnt sing actually…but it was great listening to my voice.

mo1zzu : hey wen is allah ke bande releasing???

Sharman Joshi : Early next year…dont knw the date yet…

Samira : Who is ur fav actor to work with?

Sharman Joshi : Samira…Aamir Khan

rishab : Hi sharman out of the 3 idiot , which number Idiot you rank yourself 1, 2 or 3 and why ?

Sharman Joshi : No 4…figure it out.

nlive : grt to watch u on bollyowood hungama!

Sharman Joshi : Thanks nlive.

smart boy : aap urdu main bat karsaktey hain

Sharman Joshi : Jee Nahin….Muaafff Kijiyega

jaydip : whats ur favorite movie..??

Sharman Joshi : In recent times it would be Lage Raho Munnabhai, Lagaan, Chak De India, Taare Zameen Par

Samira : How was it getting drunk on set…LOL?

Sharman Joshi : It was a treat…Work and pleasure together

stayquiet : goodluck for 3 idiots… you people rock !!

Sharman Joshi : Thank you ….hope you feel the same way once you see the film. With enormous wealth of talent and sheer hard work I guess that could be


Najam : Sharman, how was your experience of working with Kareena – the glam queen

Sharman Joshi : Pleasure….

jaydip : pls say something in gujarati..!!

Sharman Joshi : Kem Cho Bhai….

Najam : Do you visit bollywood hungama site often ?

Sharman Joshi : All the time najam

Sharman Joshi

mansoorhj : hi sharman what do u think??? who is a better director?? rajkumar hirani or rakeysh omprakash mehra??

Sharman Joshi : Uhhh…both are now my dear friends and great directors.

mansoorhj : r u having coffee or tea???

Sharman Joshi : Chai

Idiot : who thought of the marketing strategy for the film… its great!!

Sharman Joshi : Mr Vinod Chorpa, Mr Aamir Khan and Mr Raju Hirani

JihoKimchi : Which college did you go to?

Sharman Joshi : Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, 1st Road Juhu Scheme, Mumbai – 49

Najam : Sharman..did u ever fail in school or college?

Sharman Joshi : Never

devils advocate : i just want to say ….you are a wonderful actor…you just dont get your due credit ..why is that?

Sharman Joshi : I am grateful to GOD and having a great time….Aal Izz Well

Dollie : what do u eat that makes u so damn cute?

Sharman Joshi : 3 apples, twice a day : did 3 idiot effect you life ?

faz4u : hey man i cant belive you r online with me

Sharman Joshi : Nor can I….you guys can atleast see me but I cant

nlive : this is nauman from karachi pakistan, love ur films.

Shona : Sharman, what kind of movies do u enjot working in? Like, comedy, drama or lovestories?..

Sharman Joshi : All the possible genres shona…Like to keep myself constantly challenged and like to mix it up in terms of genres so that I enjoy each day of


shirani7 : hindi films are very very very popular here in holland! i go to the cinema every week!

skplangi : any films with amitji Sir?

Sharman Joshi : not yet…looking forward to that day.

faz4u : Hi there… Are u married ?

Sharman Joshi : Yes I am…its been 9 years now.

nlive : hey sharman, if u wud had to rate 3 idiots in tne film wht ranking wud u give?

Sharman Joshi : dont want to get presumptious…why dont you watch it and tell me what you think?

Sharman Joshi

sheroz aziz : sharman im ur big fan too plz say hi to me

Sharman Joshi : hi sheroz

nikit267 : hey sharman, this is nikit from australia, we were together during sorry bhai in mauritius! How are things? Just saying hello and wishing you all the best

for 31, am sure it will do well!

Sharman Joshi : of course I remember you nikit…good to hear from you and thanks for your wishes…do watch the film and let me know what you


Ankit : Do you love playing comic roles?

Sharman Joshi : I love all sorts of genres Ankit

has17 : wat is ur dream project?

Sharman Joshi : This one …3 Idiots

shaan24 : Is it true tht u r selective in doing films…..

Sharman Joshi : I just do the kind of work that excites me

sheroz aziz : hi im sheroz sharman why indian industry still makes same movies as they making since 1950 ?

Sharman Joshi : not entirely true sheroz…there have been a few films in recent times which have kept up with the times and have been impactful in terms of

entertainment as well as substance and have also managed to make a good collection at the BO which takes a lot of doing and we must give Kudos to those few producers

and directors.

salman : sharman you will win the filmfare award for best supporting actor for 3 Idiots?

Sharman Joshi : I have no clue salman

has17 : do u hav any girl opposite u in 3 idiots?

Sharman Joshi : I have a wife who has a cameo in the film.

abhishek : wat was da exact time taken to shoot 3i?

Sharman Joshi : we shot for about a 100 odd days

shaan24 : hey sharman..wer is the premiere b gonna held…cuz i would like to come thr as a fan….

Sharman Joshi : IMAX Wadala

Raj Singh : sharman bhai…u r self made star, someone with whom we can take inspiration

Sharman Joshi : Thank you Raj

shahroz : who is fav actor from hollywood

Sharman Joshi : Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Meryl Streep

Masrani : Congrats Sharman, Its obvious your film has gone a mega hit. looking forward to a superb career ahead?

Sharman Joshi : Thanks all of you for being online …its a pleasure chatting with all of you…so until next time Cheers…Sharman

raja_abad : bolly hungama rocks !

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