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Yeh Dil Movie Review

Yeh Dil Movie Rating

Anandi Art Creations P. Ltd.'s YEH DIL, written-directed by Teja, is a routine fare that the Indian cinegoer has been subjected to since time immemorial � love amidst tough parental opposition.

Ravi (Tusshar) and Vasundhara (Natasha) come from totally different backgrounds. But when they meet, they realise that they are made for each other and though the odds are stacked up against them, they prove the point that opposites do attract and no matter what obstacles come their way, they would overcome them together.

Ravi is the son of a multi-millionaire, while Vasundhara is the daughter of a milk supplier. Ravi and Vasundhara study in the same college. The film takes off with Vasundhara showing a dislike towards Ravi, as he is a sportsman who is a zero at studies.

Over a period of time, her dislike turns into love to which Ravi reciprocates as well. But the parents do not agree to their marriage. They plan to avoid the marriage by putting a clause before the lovers that they should not meet each other for one year. If their love remains as strong, even after a gap of a year, the parents would bow down to their wishes and have them married.

Ravi's father kidnaps his own son and puts him under house arrest in Mumbai. On the other hand, Vasundhara's father takes her to their hometown and arranges a forced marriage. The rest of the story is about how the lovers unite against all odds.

YEH DIL is the remake of the Telugu blockbuster NUVVU NENU, but while watching the film one does get a feeling that the movie takes its inspiration from several Bollywood movies like EK DUUJE KE LIYE, BOBBY, Q.S.Q.T. etc.

The film takes off quite smoothly, but the romance between the lead pair comes up all of a sudden. Also, the hatred between the two warring families ought to have been established more effectively.

The screenplay in both the halves gives you a been-there-done-that kind of a feeling, thereby establishing that in terms of novelty, the film offers precious little. More so, in the last few reels, it is just 'sound and violence with no substance'. This simple love story could've been told effectively, but the regular twists and turns makes it just another formula-ridden fare.

However, there are portions in the latter half where one does feel sorry for the lovers, but sadly not enough to make one pine for them to unite. Director Teja has handled a couple of sequences with aplomb, especially the one where the two lovers see each other on the platform and the girl jumps off from a moving train.

Yet another effective scene that can be singled out would be the one in which Natasha escapes from her house to make a phone call to Tusshar, but her aunt catches her. The drama thereafter is well executed.

Tremendous scope has been offered to Tusshar to display histrionics and he does full justice to his character. Natasha plays the girl-next-door character quite well. One character artiste who leaves an indelible impression is the lady who plays Natasha's aunt. She evokes instant hatred with her extremely effective performance.

Nadeem-Shravan's music falls into the average category. The title track and 'He, Kya Ladki Aayee' are decent numbers. The background score is alright. Camerawork is functional.

On the whole, YEH DIL is too ordinary a fare. At the box-office, the film will not find many takers.

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