2.5 Good


"Welcome", was certainly not a welcome change from the stereotype comedy of underworld dons making merry..It is a story about a guy who gets into trouble while looking for himself a wife. Its not only a trouble for him but for his entire family. With Stalwarts like Paresh Raval, Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, the perforances are 1 thing which cannot be complained about...The script, has some abrupt tried and tested fundas..!! I still wonder what role was crafted for Akshay Kumar... His character was confusely sketched to an extent that he is shown to be timid, homely guy at some time and bold at soe other time(Car sequence)...Some scenes have been stupidly pasted for that sake of making it a slapsick comedy which unfortunately makes the audience yawn..Katrina doesnt struggle much with her lines since she has hardly some dialogues to make...Akshay Kumar has acted well notwithstanding his sadly drafted and sketched role...Music is horrible!! Well in all a decent movie which has some witty dialogues !!