5 Excellent


A simple story, some unknown actors(aceept aamir)and a debutant director,whats the result?a masterpiece.Guys tzp is the most influential film of the year 2007..mr perfectionist is back and back with a bang..
Its a simple story of a boy suffering frm dyslexia and the problem he faces due to this and how a professor helps him to be a part of the most competetive world.the simplicity of the films makes it apart.
If e talk about the perfomances its ishaan(darsheel)all the way.It is he who makes the audience cry with his blisterring perfomances.Tisca chora ,a single word for her exellent.And then its aamir who has crafted the role ram shnkar nikumbh as good as his roles in the past.shankar ehsaan loy should be given the full marks for the awesome music that they have given to the film .their music suits each and every scene of the movie.
In the end i would say it is one of the work that has come from bollywood