4 Very Good

Welcome to Sajjanpur

"Welcome To SujjanPur", when for the very first time i heard this name, you know what i said?? I said "Oo come on, what happened to our producers and directors?, why they are making such type of movies?".
after sum time i came to know that Amrita Rao and Shreyas Telpade are playing the lead roles, believe me i thought that why they've accepted to work in this movie?. But when i personally saw the movie, i loved it so much. than i realized that small budget movies can also Rock the nation if the story and performances are Brilliant. No doubt the story is very simple, but the way its told by the director, is simply amazing. Every actor has done a brilliant job. Especially Shreyas, Amrita, and Divya. They were Fantabolous.

On the whole, a very nice and sweet movie, that you can see with your whole family without any hesitation.:-)