3 Good

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Excellent comedy movie to watch out for along with typical bollywood style action scenes and crime .. the movie could have been even better if Salman played the role of Ajay if not Akshay instead of John. The Songs are too boring except one "Tuti Boli Wedding Di" .Even the Title Song Could have been Better.

Dialogues are phrased in rhythmic style, that's good . The Climax is meaningless ,could have been done better for such good movie with great actors like NANA Patekar , Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal .

Almost the same Storyline as of its prequel where Akshay Kumar Saves Ranvir Dhanraj Xaja 'RDX' and his Son and in this movie John Saves " Wanted Bhai and his Son at the end of the movie.