2.5 Good

Welcome Back

Welcome Back - Although i didn't find Akhsay kumar good when he does Childish characters but he was Cute in WELCOME . And thanks to Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor with good support of Paresh Raawal and cameo from late Feroz Khan Welcome was one of those movies from the Director Aneez Bazmi(one of the director in Bollywood whom i dislike most) which was enjoyable to me. But no he is not able to repeat it with the sequel. John Abraham not being anywhere close to cuteness is one the worst actor to cast in a comedy movies (sorry fans he can do serious film but not comedy). But John is not the worst character of the film. Rather its Nassiruddin Shah whose character was so badly written that just after his entry (after interval) movie starts to drag and when ever he was on screen he was irritating and not funny at all. Why exactly he waste himself in such bad movies , don't he have better work to do. And why i am not saying Shahini Ahuja as the worst character , thats because i actually don't consider him as being in the movie (not worth of talking . Ahuja sir has an exceptional quality of doing bad acting even bad as compared to Jackie Bagnani and Tushar Kapoor. Then there is Dimple Kapadia , wasted too . And yes we have a debut too , Ankita Srivastava. Somebody please tell her that she has a really irritating voice matched with bad expression which cant be compensated by short dresses she wears. I am shocked that i am saying this but i really missed Malika Sherawat. So what are we left with. Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor and some good support of Paresh Raawal. Even if the movie was bad but the chemistry between Anil and Nana was mind blowing. And yes the dialogue writer have done a fabulous job. Comic jokes although not intelligent but entertaining are spread all over the movies. Watch out for the scene when John called Anil as "AEEE TEDHE KANDHE". But its the bad script (actually Aneez Bazmi never waste his time in writing any script so there was no script just a situation) , bad songs and such a loud background music which will gave you the headache . Infect i have a special complain about the background scores and the music. It was just noise , no rhyme nothing , just irritation. The prequel had some really entertaining songs. This one just have one - Meet Me Daily . Not because its a great song but because Nana and Anil made it entertaining. I have always said that ALL THE BEST from Rohit Setthy had the worst climax of ever but today i am giving that post to Welcome Back. And why showing so much on non sense CGI if budget is not big and such CGI are not at all important to the movie. Aneez Bazmi must have thought that the audience only contains child below 10 year. Anyways i am tired of writing bad things and i don't have anything good to write about it. 5.6/10. Watch it for Nana and Anil but not at all in theater rather in your TV while cooking dinner as concentration is something which you don't need while watching this.. By ANuP APu KuMaR.