4 Very Good


wanted has created a lot of hype and hooplah as it stars salman khan in an action avatar and people just love him in his action avatar.wanted has been aggresively rpomoted and publicised and thus the curiosity to watch the movie has just got doubled.wanted has the same old story in which a hero beats up the goons black and blue and romances the girl and tries to woo her with his antics. wanted rests on a story that we have seen end number of times in bollywood.but its screenplay is thoroughly entertaining.each and every scene guarantees entertainment.the first half is too good and the second half is also nice.
comical punches are aplenty and the audience is entertained thoroughly.dialouges are clapworthy.
background score is good.music is superb.each and every song is well picturised and salman dances like never before.action is the main plus point of wanted.brilliant action sequences are seen.
camera work is excellent.direction by prabhudeva is excellent.wanted belongs to salman khan.the actor is in complete form here.his each and every scene is a treat to watch.his expressions,his dilaouge delivery and his style is just awesome.
he is truly the star of the movie.ayesha takia is compelete natural and matches salman in every frame.mahesh manjrekar is a treat to watch. prakash raaj is awesome as the antagonist. vinod khanna is superb esp in the end reels.govind namdeo is perfect.prateeksha lonkar is natural. mahek chall is good.aseem merchant is okay.inder kumar and sajid are brilliant.overall,WANTED is a Solid entertainer with salman khan like never before.MUST WATCH!!!