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Waah! Tera Kya Kehna Movie Review

Waah! Tera Kya Kehna Movie Rating

New World Enterprises' WAAH?! TERA KYA KEHNA, directed by Manoj Agarwal, is a
typical Govinda film.

Krishna Oberoi (Shammi Kapoor) is an industrialist, who's very fond of his
grandson Raj (Govinda). Due to an accident, Raj has lost his mental balance.

Krishna Oberoi has two sons (Shakti Kapoor and Rana Jung Bahadur) and grandson
(Mohnish Bahl), who gang up to usurp his property, which apparently would go to
none other than Raj.

When Raj goes away to Shimla, they get rid of Krishna Oberoi. On the other hand,
Raj disappears in an avalanche and the entire property is taken over by the
scheming kins.

But Banne Khan (Govinda, in a double role), a look-alike of Raj, appears on the
scene and surprises the deceitful kins. What happens next?

Considering that the film stars Govinda, comedy is inevitable. But the film
hardly manages to evoke mirth. On the contrary, it gives an impression of comic
anecdotes put together that have no co-relation with each other.

In the first half of the film, the storyline is vague and the plot hardly
gathers momentum. It is at the interval point that goings-on get interesting,
when the look-alike and Raveena Tandon enter the scene.

One probably expects the story to pick up in the latter part, but there is chaos
when the look-alike takes over the mantle of the original character. Throughout
this half, one is unable to figure out where the story is heading.

There are characters which keep coming up without any relevance, like Rajat
Bedi's one-minute appearance and Ashish Vidyarthi's two-scene appearance. The
makers have tried to keep the suspense element alive, but when it unravels in
the end, it hardly has the desired effect.

Directorially, Manoj Agarwal does not impress. In terms of light moments, the
film does not match up to the comedies Govinda has been associated with.

Jatin-Lalit's music is just plain mediocre, with just one good number ? 'Mujhe
Teri Nazar Ne'. The placement of most songs is inappropriate. Cinematography is

Govinda is not in form this time. Raveena's role isn't well defined, but she
handles it with remarkable elan. Preeti Jhangiani looks out of place. Kader Khan
is routine. Shammi Kapoor is his usual self. Shakti Kapoor is so-so. Mohnish
Bahl is loud.

On the whole, WAAH?! TERA KYA KEHNA is a weak fare and will find the going

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