2.5 Good

Its a film that could work for some and fail for others. For me, it was in the middle. The story revolves around Ranvir [ugly] who one day saves Malika [pagli] on the tracks and then the twisted love story begins. Its where neither of the pair express their love till the very end. Malika is the master and Ranvir the slave, and it is this skit that is dragged through out the film.
On the whole the film works mainly coz of Ranvir. There are many scenes that will make you laugh. But post interval and when the plot gets serious, thats when the problem begins. Plainly put, its a plain-odd-twisted story that is dragged to no ends. All said and done this film belongs to UGLY- Ranvir! He is undoubtedly fantastic in this loser boyfriend role. Malika is effective in the slap and talli scenes but not in the emotional ones. Her character is not well defined and thats where she suffers. The supporting cast are alright. Wish there was more of Sushmita M [Malika's mom] Well I dindt count the slaps [99?!] but yes, the kiss is at the end and thats ugly. The relationship between the lead pair is not defined, and thats where the problem starts. They are shown together, heading where, you dont know! On the whole, the film is alright, not too UGLY and not too PAGLI.