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Over last few years, Tips Music Films and Pritam have been delivering chartbuster soundtracks. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani was one of the top selling albums of last year while last year, both Race as well as Kismat Konnection did very good business. Naturally, one expects at least a decent outing in Toh Baat Pakki. However, there is one factor that is required to be kept in mind before one starts expecting too much. The fact is that music played an integral part in the aforementioned three films with a strong element of love tying the film's screenplay together. However, Toh Baak Pakki is more of a situational comedy. Also, it doesn't have a big budgeted extravagant feel to it, something that oozed out of all other outings. This is the reason why one has expectations in check before checking out what does Pritam have to offer this time around.


Pritam Chakraborty turns into Pritam Singh once again for Toh Baat Pakki which has a Punjabi beginning to it with Mika Singh coming behind the mike for 'Jis Din'. A catchy number that instantly gets you jiving, it has everything that you have heard before from Pritam and is still reasonably impressive. This Mayur Puri written number has a good mix of Punjabi and Western arrangements that make it the kind of track that can find an audience in the bigger centres as well as interiors. Expect the track (which is repeated in a 'remix version', just like every other number in the album) to find it's way in the marriage processions to follow if and when the film turns out to be a success.

The sound of guitar that marks the beginning of 'Phir Se' reminds one of many romantic tracks that Pritam has created for Imtiaz Ali in the past. However, the moment Sonu Nigam starts rendering the track; you get into the world of Mohd. Rafi. Sayeed Qadri plays it simple once again though surprisingly the tune is more Sajid-Wajid/Nikhil-Vinay than Pritam. One would have expected the song to be really melodious considering the fact that it is the only quintessential romantic number in the album. However, 'Phir Se', in spite of seeing a 'remix version' version followed by another one which has Rahat Fateh Ali Khan at the helm of affairs, doesn't quite break the ceiling and remains average at best.

Javed Ali and Shilpa Rao get together for another 'let's bring on the Punjab flavour' song which has so much of 'Yaara Dhol Bajake' (Dhol) to it that one wonders whether Pritam made both the songs at the same place few years back? The part rendered by Javed Ali especially reminds one of the all-boys show that one had seen in Dhol.... A Shabbir Ahmed written track, it has some annoying interludes which only end up making 'Dil Le Jaa' falling into the category of 'heard today-remembered tomorrow-forgotten after a week' track.

Finally comes a rock track 'Karle Mujhse Pyaar' which allows Pritam a free hand in getting into Life In A...Metro mode. It is nice to see this genre finding a place in Toh Baat Pakki because one could hardly see this coming in a movie belonging to a comic genre. Pritam and his regulars like Rana Mazumder and Soham Chakrabarthy get jamming for Sayeed Qadri's 'Karle Mujhse Pyaar' where one can clearly sense them enjoying their outing. One just hopes that the song (which finds a 'remix' for itself) music video running for it pronto so that it gets maximum mileage and find the kind of audience that it truly deserves.

Toh Baat Pakki reaches a relatively quieter end with a 75 seconds 'Aarti' (Om Jai Jagadish) which is sung well by Antara Mitra.


Toh Baat Pakki is a mixed bag with none of the songs being an assault on the ears but not all turning out to be so likeable that they would make this as the hot selling album of the season. 'Karle Mujhse Pyaar' brings in an urban contemporary feel but needs some solid promotion over next few weeks to make an impression. On the other hand 'Jis Din' is good though it does invoke a sense of deja vu. Don't look for anything extraordinary out of Toh Baat Pakki and you won't mind giving this score by Pritam a listening before he returns with something bigger and better in months to come.

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