3 Good

Three – Love, Lies, Betrayal

Three is a story of a married couple living a life of woes. Verbal strifes, physical blows and lack of money is what Anjini and Rajiv are facing. Just when it seemed that their lives cant depreciate more, enters Sanjay - who with his happy-go-lucky charm and helpfulness wins Anjini over and beds her. They decide to run away and free Anjini from her captivity like life. But their is a problem - Anjini does not want to sell her ancestral home and neither does she want to leave it behind. Sanjay gets offended by that and wants one thing that has come in between him getting his love - the ancestral house. Will he manage it ? or will Anjini and her love for her husband prevail ? will Anjini and Rajiv live 'happily-ever-after'? Three - Love, lies and betrayal tries to answer these questions in a roller coaster ride and a fitting climax (though a couple of scenes at the end leaves the viewer puzzled - revealing about them is like spoiling the fun)

Performances are competent. Nausheen as Anjini is confident and doesnt give an impression of being a debutante. she looks pretty in some scenes while outright ghastly in some. Akshay Kapoor also delivers a good performance. The main scene stealer is Ashish Chowdhary. He is in full form this time around.

Music is ok. All the songs are easy on ears. One track 'driving me crazy' in the 2nd half stands out.

On the whole - a decent enough movie. It could have used some adept handling in the 1st half - where it drags and lots of songs crop up. Second half is fast paced and keeps you on the edge. Recommended for a one time viewing