3.5 Very Good

Tere Bin Laden

Reading Such Good Reviews, Expectations got higher for this flick. The main reason of high expectations is nothing but the never heard before, honest & hilarious concept. OSAMA BIN LADEN - The name that is so famous that while writing it in any Data sheet in computer, there comes no "UNKNOWN SPELLING" underline. But this time he is not the source of terror, in fact he is not in the film. Then Who's The LADEN in "Tere BIN LADEN"? A Fake of course. Such authentic & comic concept was never thought before. Nearly 9 years passed from "9/11", many films are made on this historic event like "NEW YORK", "KURBAAN" & Many More. But "TERE BIN LADEN", doesn't bring up the concept once again, here the main suspect of the 9/11 conspiracy is brought up and in a very funny concept. Though The film has already fallen into many troubles but "Tere Bin Laden" is highly recommended for it's fresh concept and some pure humor.

In recent times, Comedy only means non-veg, double meaning jokes, abusing each other, misunderstandings, slapping each-other furiously, funny proverbs etc. etc. But "Tere Bin Laden" has introduced Comedy in a fresh package with some not-so-cheesy but damn funny dialouges, Cock-kicks, Chicken-Kabab Blasts, Laden make-ups, Carrot eating FBI Agents & many more like that. The Introductory Song "Good Looking Ullu Da Paththa" makes u start laughing and this journey continues till the end. Without lavish sets, beautiful foreign sites, too much budget, unnecessary songs - "Tere Bin Laden" amazes us by its great wit, slapstick script & some biting dialouges.

PLOT - Ali Hassan(Ali Zafar) & His Friend Gul(Nikhil Ratnaparkhi) are two luckless Pakistani reporters of a disgusting tv- channel "Danka TV". Ali is very desperate to go USA, The Land Of Opportunities to try his luck to become like A CNN & BBC Reporter or a very big man. But His Visa Applications are rejected several times. In Deep desperation, a weird idea catches his mind after seeing the LADEN Look-alike Noora(Pradhuman Singh). By The Help of make-up artist Zoya(Sugandha Garg), Ali turns Noora into Osama Bin Laden & takes his video & sells it to his boss Majeed(Piyush Mishra). From here, Ali's plan backfires & terrible confusions come up.

MUSIC - "ULLU DA PATHTHA" & "I LOVE AMREEKA" are tremendous. Great vocals by Shankar Mahadevan. Even the Ali Zafar Track "Bas Ek Soch" is missing in the film, it's beautiful. Besides Singing, This Good Looking Paki Boy is to watch out for in the future for good acting & nicely made stupid expressions what was needed for the movie. Rest Songs like "Shor Sharaba", "Kukduku" are fare.

ACTING - Debutant Paki Singer Ali Zafar has done very nice job and for his naughty & stupid expressions made in the movie are very cool. This Boy can work wonders in future.
Fake Osama, Pradhuman Singh was also a man to watch out for because of his great face that can be easily mistaken as Osama and his stupendous and confusing expressions made in some places. Excellent!
Sugandha Garg, Piyush Mishra & rest others are also nice.

DIRECTOR - A big round of applause for this young wonder named Abhishek Sharma to come out. He has amazed us by his capabilities as a founder of this out-of-the-box concept in Bollywood ever. The way the film is conceptualized by a small idea and made into a belly-tickler is astounding. Some new ideas like "Hen Screaming Competition", "Osama Spoof" are just tremendous. We will expect him gravely in future.

VERDICT - In recent times, when most of comedy movies are coming up, "Tere Bin Laden" is completely different from them in concept and humor. It entertains us from the first to last by its brilliant script, hilarious situations and hard punch-lines. But at box-office, it has a probability to fall down because of controversies relating it. But it's highly entertaining & a non-stop laughter machine. So, don't miss it at any cost & join this laughathon.