3.5 Very Good

Guys Tannu weds Mannu is a light hearted rom-com flick which u can enjoy with ur family.It has some down moments and some very top standard .The movie is all over nice but not too good.There is nothing fresh but still some scenes can grab ur attention .The director “Aanand Rai” who directed “Thoda Life Thoda Magic” and “strangers” comes with his new flick.Performances are the top notch part of the movie with its soundtrack,the songs like “Saadi Gali” and “Jugni” are so groovy that gives u a feeling to dance and track like “Yun Hi” is really fantastic and memorable for me,sung by ‘Mohit Chouhan’.The Screenplay which is always the backbone of a movie is good but not awesome to grab the audience.Cinematography is worthy to watch.R. Madhvan and Kangana done a great job with this movie and best for me is a Jimmy Shergil,he is in guest appereance nd he is too good.Dialogues are also one of the best part of the movie. The movie is stretched in many parts but still it has some pop up moments,it has great storyline but less messed up climax would have worked wonders for the film.

On the whole,Tannu weds mannu is a light family entertainment movie,if u love simple nd uncomplicated flicks than it is going to tug ur hearts.So go nd watch it.Its a wonderful mismatch!!!!!!!!