5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par

A superb film. Very entertaining, touching, funny, and loving all at same time. The acting by Darsheel is amazin, this kid can act and act like no other. He is natural in his part. Aamir Khan is great as an Art teacher. The film has a super storyline with a strong message. A must watch for everyone from kids to adults. A treat to watch.

On a personal note, Stars like Shahrukh Khan need to stop making dull and stupid story line movies like "Om Shaanti Om" and try to make some movies like this. Shahrukh Khan surely take lessons from this movie. I am not being biased or anything, but after you watch this film, you will understand. I understand that all producers make movies to make money, however at the same time it would be great if they can pass a message along in the movie to their audience. "Om Shaanti Om" had nothing to offer other than it's music. So forget movies like "Om Shaanti Om" and go watch this one, it is worth every penny.....