5 Excellent

Taare Zameen Par

this is my first ever review at IndiaFM
& em more than happy to write it for TZP.
this movie grips you on too your seats till the end.... even i wanted to see the credit untill it came to end... cute kids .. emotions... it had everything to take you bak to your own childhood.....i had huge expectations from AK... but by far it exceeded any expectations... i can't recall any movie tht is based on a child and brings tear to ur eyez.... it is not just a film .... it is a lesson to everybody.... it takes us back in the past where we wanted to be sumthing else n now what we are is quite different....so dun let ur children be a victim of it.... i dun know if AK will come to recieve any award for it .. but this movie will definatly win the VIEWER's AWARD n tht AK will surly accept with a smile:)