5 Excellent

Rani & Saif have proven to be the best pair of 2007 with the release of Tara Rum Pum. Everything about the movie is great from acting, dancing , songs, story line to the ending.

Saif did an amazing job and he was too funny at some point but definitely changes our mood with his serious acting. He was the perfect choice for this role.

Rani, well what can I say other than she is the best actress we have today. Her changeover was mind blowing, from sexy bangs and cute skirts to an emotional mother, she stunningly nailed this movie. Not to mention, this girl is GORGEOUS.

Kids were also the main part of this movie, I love how sensitive Princess was, the way she took care of the situation on her own was extremely sad. Love the kids!

Director did a fantastic job, this is by far THE BEST MOVIE of 2007. Go watch it people, you won't be disapointed.