5 Excellent

Yash Raj factory comes up with a family entertainer Tara Rum Pum. It is not a typical commercial movie with songs and dance, it teaches you a value of life and money....

Rajveer Singh [Saif Ali Khan] works as pit-crew
worker with a racing team but dreams to sit in the racing cars one day. But as they say if wanna something bad work for it, R V alias Rajveer achieve his dream with the help of his star manager and friend Harry [Jaaved Jaaferi] and his lady love Radhika [Rani Mukerji] who is daughter of big business man.

Radhika thinks you should always think that you should plan for your future and Rajveer loves spending money and never think about the future. But life has a lesson to teach for RV when he loosed one race and get hospitalized for two months.

What happens to the great speeder R V ? What life teaches him? Will he become the country’s best racers once again. Well you have to see it !!!

I am glad that our Hindi film are maturing with real story about real people. The film teaches us that you should always know the value of money and life cos if u loose them they will never come back.

Hats of to the

Director Siddharth Raj Anand who tackles the story, the dialogs are best, lyrics is meaninful, songs are soothing and i salute to the team of Tara Rum Pum.

Saif is really becoming best actor day by day and Rani, what can we say, she is the Best.
The two child stars Angelina Idnani and Ali Haji of the film makes you laugh and cry with them.

One the whole Tara Rum Pum is a song which everyone to sing. When you sad, when you feel nothing is happening, then sing along with me Tara Rum PumTara Rum Pum.....