2.5 Good

Summer 2007

Summer 2007 is a film which focuses on farmers committing suicide in isolated rural areas of Maharashtra, which gets witnessed by five young rich medical students who land up there for rural training project.

First of all, i wud like to appreciate director Suhail Tatari and his intentions of making a film on such serious issue like Farmer's Suicide in Vidarbha. But just having good intentions for a film don't make it! Also they should have chosen some different/appropriate/relevant title for the film, which would not have misinterpreted audiences' thinking. Film's both half are interesting but the second one too long [almost 2hrs].
But the big problem with the film is, the directors tries to put so many things in one film n because of that film's main issue - Farmer' Suicide in Vidarbha gets less attention, he shud have focused on the main issue n shud have shown other things in backdrop or shud have given less important; and also some songs were not really required [specially Neetu Chandra's item no., that was the worst part of the film!] But there are also some moments which are really touching n very well executed..

Passing comments on Ram Gopal Varma twice in the film was really not required! Its sad.

Music of Gaurav Dasgupta is not efficient, except the amazing song Maula. Cinematography (Atarsingh Saini), Editing (Bobby Bose), Dialogues (Ritesh Shah) are okay.
Director Suhail Tatari has the courage of choosing this kind of film for direction; but his work is not up to the mark, it could have been better. But some of the sequences [specially in the 2nd half] are really well handled by him. I wish him all the best for his next projects.
Bijesh Jayarajan's story keeps u engaged from the start, but the story shudn't have gone into different directions instead of main issue. This is another reason because of which the message of the film doesn't come out effectively as expected.

Only the performances stand out-
All five main protagonist along with the sub cast have done a commendable job. Most deserving is [under-rated] Gul Panag, who gets into the skin of the character and delivers an outstanding performance! A complete natural actor.
Sikandar, Ashutosh Rana are excellent n do justice to their respective characters.
Sachin Khedekar and Vikram Gokhle are good. Prashant Narayan is excellent in that small role but leaves an impact! Arjan Bajwa enacts his role pretty well n with confidence. Yuvika Chaudhary does a decent job. Alekh Sangal is very good surprise package, a very good actor!

On the whole, SUMMER 2007 is not a very great film but it will definitely make u think! Go for it. Recommended.

My Rating: 2.5/5