2.5 Good

Just because I like to do it, I told everyone that Akshay Kumar would one day be a blockbuster actor... and he is. He has come a long way, from his 'Suhaag' days to 'Singh is Kinng', a movie that rests entirely on his brawny shoulders.

As for the storyline of the movie, its too popcornish, though they could have done wonders with the same storyline. Basically this movie is good in many parts but does not excel anywhere. So, if you have something to do and have two and a half hours to kill, Singh is surely Kinng.

As for the cast, I have a suspicion tha Akshay Kumar has lost a lot of weight, I almost did not recognize him in the title song, and that was not because of the turban. The supporting cast does a good job of making the antics of the movie look real, right from gangsters with metal guns in a mall to news about a gangster reaching a small town in Punjab and not reaching Egypt. Be that as it may, the movie is a treat to watch.

In this era of intolerance, making a region and religion based movie is quite a difficult task. And I thinik Anees Bazmee has done a good job of it. Of course, there may be some brickbats about the comedy sequences showing the half-paralyzed of whatever don... but yes.. the drinks scene is quite hilarious, if it is not copied from the other movie that the movie has been 'inspired' from.

The movie was missing two quite important aspects. Of course the emotional scenes worked, but they were not as deep as they should have been. After all, these guys are gangsters, they are not gonna turn over a new leaf just because they feel so.