0.5 Poor

What a waste!

This is an absolute waste of money. I was again fooled by the slick promos to go for the movie yesterday after work, thinking that I'll enjoy myself after a week's hard work. But to my disappointment it was a half baked venture and had nothing remotely interesting to offer. Coming to think of it, the movie had so much potential to become a path breaking one but fell flat along the way. It is inspired somewhat by the Hollywood flick SWAT as most of our films are. I have no qualms when our movies get inspired from Hollywood flicks but we except some finesse while doing so. The movie tries to glorify the underworld and tries to justify their position which is lame. The only redeeming factor of the movie is perhaps Vivek's role which was etched properly and he handled it well. But then we have already seen him in such roles before in Company and Dum. Amitabh and Sanjay looked jaded and seemed to have sleep walked through the movie. The less said about Sunil and Arbaaz the better. They are pathetic as they normally are, so that was expected and they did not disappoint me. The rest had little to perform and little did they perform. The movie was too lengthy and the out of place songs made it even more excruciating. The shootout sequences looked amateurish, which could have been handled better considering the fact that this is supposed to be based on a real life shootout incident. In fact the scene wherein Sanjay leads his men to nab or "Encounter" the Khalishtani insurgents was so unrealistic and funny; the police would have been sitting ducks had they handled it in such a manner. The only scene that was well orchestrated was the last face off between Sanjay and Vivek. I do not understand where in earth these people get money to finance such ventures. I must fore warn all please do not waste your time watching this flick. However if you are planning to go to the theatre to enjoy the air condition in this hot summer please do so but carry a pair of ear plugs to block the sounds and all the noise in the form of music this movie dishes out, expect for the last track by Strings.