3 Good


Daanish (dhanush) is an aspiring hero who comes to Mumbai but he is born dumb. His passion drives him to different places only to get kicked out but one assistant director Akshara (akshara) spots Daanish's perseverance and tries to help him. She goes in search of the perfect voice for Daanish and finds Amitabh Sinha (amitabh) a drunkard. The voice works and Daanish becomes a superstar naming himself as Shamitabh. But trouble occurs due to the ego conflict between Daanish and Amitabh. What happens from there forms the rest.

The director has come up with an unusual storyline and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was okay in parts. The dialogues were well written. The script was niche and the screenplay was not upto the mark. The background score was melodious and three songs were worth listening. Cinematography was the main strength to this film. Editing okay but needed during the second half. Costumes were well designed to suit the backdrop while the art department was impressive. Amitabh Bachchan was excellent once again and proved his mettle in all departments. Dhanush was amazing and matched AB throughout the film. Akshara looks dazzling and she made a confident debut. The other celebrities who made their cameo didn't offer much but the one to watch out for is Rekha.

The filmmaker has always been known for his innovative concepts and this time he has worked on something like that. The first half in the beginning the film starts off well and was quite engaging with the introduction of characters and the intensity.But soon the film becomes a little unconvincing the scenes seem to be too convenient. While the film on paper might have sounded brilliant, the film is a little unbelievable. The interval bang was promising but things begin to dwindle, and the climax was good. One excepted more from a director like R Balki who has created brilliant films like Paa and Cheeni Kum. One sees flashes of brilliance in Shamitabh, but overall more of a spark was needed. Overall two actors save the film Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush who give performances which are par excellence, watch the film for them, and the high concept.