2 Average


Score 5/10 Director, writer Mr. R Balki work is good. Idea was very thin so it was very difficult to execute it and maintain the pace throughout but he succeeds keeping people entertained in most of the part and major contribution in it, is his amazing dialogues. Screenplay also offers something new. Film has very balanced and witty approach to make satire on Bollywood inside happenings and cracks laughter at many places by doing this. Background gives proper support to the film otherwise dull moments could have been more. Credit goes to Music director Ilyaraja, who has made the music different too. I couldn't get any strong reason that why should an AD go up to that level to support a person, whose case looks like impossible in first sight? I was also unable to understand the monologue in graveyard before interval. Film has very balanced pace before interval but it slows down just before and moves on jerky pace in second half. Climax is lengthy with extra dose of melodrama. Why they use graveyard in place of crematorium, I was unable to get, might be some filmy liberty to make the scene more impactful but I didn't get that feelings. Performance wise Amitabh Bachchan is superb. It is just a privilege to watch him acting on screen. Dhanush is also brilliant. It was practically difficult to justify another so popular voice but he did it in perfect way. Akshara Hasan has limited scope but she shines brightly in every intense scene. Actor, who played the landlord of a shanty in graveyard, is very good.