1.5 Average

Sarkar Raj

Indiafm.com or bollywoodhungama.com is the most robust and brutally DIShonest movie review site. They will have to fire Taran Adarsh ASAP, because he is a bullshiter.

Let me quicky talk about Sarkar Raj, Its a huge disappointment. The second half completely sucks. I wasted around 20 $ for this low paced movie that has got literally nuthing.

I am very convinced critic TARAN ADARSH is being paid because his opinion of a movie helped the public decide if it was worth seeing or skipping or waiting for dvd. If critics pan movies that the general public wants to see then are they doing their job? Is the job of a critic merely to state their opinion or to provide a useful service to the public, I don't know kinda like most other people's jobs.

I agree that critics don't need to quit their jobs but I think it's obvious we need more voices in the field to provide a more balanced view. But Taran Adarsh truly represents modern India where 60 % of the high post professionals whose decisions and views count' are bribed(according to the survey by CNN).

Just have a look at how taran adarsh rates cheap comedy movies 4/5 ? whats the criteria Mister taran ? You are being
paid gigantic amount to rate sarkar raj 4 !

I love almost everythin about Indiafm but taran adarsh, may be they should try to hire Rajeev masand or any other good critics who are blunt and honest.

I would lile to thank Indiafm for maintaining a goodwebsite, but plz get rid of Taran adarsh asap.