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Sant Janabai

Devotees of Bhagwan Shri Vithal endure challenges and humiliation.

Orphaned at a young age, Jaani (Kumari Lalita), is left alone in Pandharpur. A compassionate Savalkar (Javedkar) comes to her assistance, and takes her home to his family, consisting of his wife (Gouri) and son, Namdev (Umakant). The former is displeased, abuses her physically and verbally as well as makes her do all the household work, though Namdev accepts her as his sister. Jaani endures this and eventally wins her heart, they live a fairly harmonious lifestyle, and Namdev (Ganesh Abhyankar) gets married to Rajai (Shakuntala Paranjpye), and gives birth to two sons, Naara (Ravikumar) and Vitha (Navin Kumar). After the passing away of Savalkar and his wife, the impoverished family endure even more hardship when Namdev and Jaani (Hansa Wadkar), who are only intent on praying and let Vithalji handle their lives, force Rajai and the children to leave and move in with her brother (Datta Bhatt). Things will get even worse when jewelry from Vithalji's Mandir will go missing, the Panchayat, after finding incriminating evidence against Jaani, find her guilty and award a unique punishment.
Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)