4 Very Good


Just came back from the theatre, and I must say I was impressed with the film. Agree it’s not in the Kal Ho Naa Ho league, however, it a good film nonetheless.

Okay I want people to answer these questions?

1) Okay, for a filmmaker to handle six different love stories, it’s not a easy task. Probably Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Yash Chorpa could’ve messed this film up, but Nikhil Advani managed to do a fine job. Agree that it drags a bit, but still, it was a hard job and Nikhil comes out here as a winner. So my question is, put yourself in Nikhil shoes, to handle six different love stories, wouldn’t be a hard task?

2) People are saying that he couldn’t match Kal Ho Naa Ho filmmaking. First of all, can Ramesh Sippy match Sholay, can Yash Chopra do a next Deewaar, can Karan Johar do a next Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? I don’t think so. Just because he can’t do a Kal Ho Naa Ho, people already write him off as a failure?

I think Nikhil did a fine job here as a director.

Everyone knows the story, so I won’t waste my time on it.

Editing was the major drawback here. It should’ve been trimmed, BIG TIME. Sohail Khan story should’ve been deleted as it serve no purpose. Agree, that their story is provide the comic relief, but still, you could’ve run more shows if it was deleted. Cinematography is upto mark. Dialogues are good, especially at certain scenes.

Music is the biggest plus point for Salaam-E-Ishq. Every song is Hit quality, with the title track leading the pack followed by Saiyaan Re, Ya Rabba, Dil Kya Kare, Tenu Leke and Babuji Dheere. Mera Dil was deleted, so I didn’t see it.

Govinda was the winner here in the film. And though people making fun of Salman Khan saying he can’t act, but who recommend for Govinda to play the taxi driver, it was Salman Khan. It shows you how kind-hearted Sallu is. Anyways, Govinda and Shannon are great in this part, although their pairing is awkward, but styll, they keep you entertained.
Govinda – 9/10
Shannon – 8.5/10
Their Story – 8/10

John and Vidya, in my opinion, had the best story here. Vidya is getting better and better, she will definitely be a future of Bollywood. John scores a good performance. But he still needs to improve better.
John – 7/10
Vidya – 8.5/10
Their Story – 9/10

Salman Khan sleepwalks through his role. Yes, our Sallu as always looks handsome, but his role was not developed properly. Agreed that he love her when he was a waiter who saw Priyanka singing in a club, but still, their romance could’ve been better. Whatever Salman did, he did a good job, but he needs better roles. Priyanka did a little overacting, but the second half saw her in good form. Their story could’ve been better, seriously way better. It did had its moments though.
Salman – 6/10
Priyanka – 6/10
Their Story 4/10

Akshaye Khanna was funny as hell. Some people might find him annoying, but I’m sure the teen crowd could relate to his character the most as a man who doesn’t want to be committed as yet. Ayesha Takia is very pretty, but she had hardly any acting to do. Their story was funny and good!
Akshaye – 7.5/10
Ayesha – 5/10
Their Story – 7/10

Anil Kapoor plays his character fine, but sometimes, he looks not interested. But styll, Anil Kapoor is one of the best we have, and plays his role quite well. Its good to see Juhi once again, not only does she perform well, but looks great as always. Anjali did an okay job, but she is a knock-out. This story could’ve been better.
Anil – 7/10
Juhi – 7.5/10
Anjali – 6/10
Their Story – 5.5/10

Sohail Khan provided the much needed comic relief. He was funny and was there to entertain the crowd. Isha didn’t do nothing, basically she was the worst out of the lot. It was Sohail who was doing everything. Their story was by far the worst in this film.
Sohail – 7.5/10
Isha – 4/10
Their Story – 2.5/10

So overall, 4 of the six stories are a passing grade for him, so yes, the movie is good to see. Nikhil, I must say, although it was a hard task, you did a fine job. Overall, this film may be a Hit thanks to its great starcast and huge opening week. Overseas will do great business.

My rating 7.5/10!