3.5 Very Good


Nikhil Advani returns with Salam e Ishq. This time he has roped Sameer for lyrics with music by the one and only trio Shankar Ehsan Loy (SEL). Like Kal Ho Na Ho we are expecting this album to be the one treat this December. Lets see in words as I am reviewing this album, does the album provides the nourishing to music sense or go astray .

Sonu N, Shreya G, Kunal G, Sadhana S & Shankar M

This is what SEL has extraordinary in them. With the starting note you are forced to be impressed by the song. Though the song is a formula song, but it has special moments to celebrate. A cool use of instruments and special combination of all coolest of the singers give us cherish moments to get this song on us. A sure chart buster.

Dil Kya Kare
Adnan Sami

One word for the song that is its LOVING. The way guitar works throughout the song makes the song special and the special effects by chorus “Wooohoooo Wooohooo” are quite cool. A soft and cool song that represents a true winner. SEL choose the one right person to sing this song, Adnan loves to sing the songs which require vocalist innovation and we could easily listen the special sound effects by Adnan who gives us a nice song for a month or so, to hum. As you listen it more it will grow on to you a pure melody.

Saiyaan Re
Shankar Mahadevan & Shilpa

I guess SEL had listened the song Manwa by a Pakistani singer NOORI, it is quite impressed with that song and in my opinion the song is not much in it. Though both singers have done a nice job but song must have feeler in it which just missed. I don’t know where the director will fit song in the movie. But it lacks enthusiasm.

Mera Dil
Shaan & Nihira

Actually this song makes me confused. It has heard before feeling is in it. Is it like Mitwa from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna or some other…… but it is nice song. Shan does a good job and the new comer Nihira also is likeable. Infact SEL makes there song so easy that singer sings it easily. I remember the girl Nihira singing in Sa Re Ga Ma with slight nervousness but here she is confident and song just fits her vocal. The song is simple and will be instantly audible but is not kind of which stay in music library forever.

Tenu Leke
Sonu Nigam

I am completely sure that SEL have not come out of DON while making the music for Salam-e-Isq. Mauriya from DON is quite similar to this song but some refresher notes are in this song which will surely make you to stick to the song. Nice song but conventional.

Babuji Dheere Chalna

After SEL got success in DON which actually they don’t deserve the most they again put an old song recreated. This time too the fresh feeling is in their song but like we are across many remixes and recreated songs these days so Nihira this missed the train alongwith the trio SEL. It not emboss impression on your mind at all. Average song.

Ya Rabba
Kailash Kher's

The song starts in a flow and continues in the same way Kailash is given full chance to use his vocal and uses it nicely. Sameer’s poetry is a plus point of this song. You will love the song if you will listen it more thoughtfully as it has strong lyrical value. Nice use of Flute in the middle also gives a cute impact to the song and one likes it every bit.

After listening the album I have came to a conclusion that the songs are good but only Salam e Ishq, Dil Kya Kare & Ya Rabba are songs stand upto the expectations other are conventional so 50-50 for this album. SEL are doing nice job through the year but not as they have potential as they have shown us in Kal Ho Na Ho, BnB, Dil Chahta Hai and many more. Still a nice album to be in the music rack,