3.5 Very Good


Great movie
I think all the negtive report of the movies are rubbish. this type of reviews can only given by person, who just follow simple bolywood masala movies.

This movie" sawaariya" is different from other masala movies. its a classic movie, the presentation is very much like hollywood movie. the sets, visuals of the movie is exceptional. story is also very sweet & beautiful. if you watch movie seriously, you will fall in love with all the characters.The film narrated & presented as a beautiful poetry or you can say painting form.

Performance of the debutant actors Ranbeer & Sonam ar exceptional. You can't ask more from them. i can confiednty say that star is born, and Ranbeer
& Sonam is rocking. They are going to rule the boollywood in coming years. Direction of the movie is also good but it can be litlle better. Music is also good but not great. Cinemtography & art direction is outstanding. In special appearance Rani & Salman looked good.

Finally, i will give 7/10 for this movie. A real movie lover should must watch this move...........you will fall in love with this movie.