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Run Bhuumi Music Review



Time and again there arrives a film completely out of the blue. Run Bhuumi is one such film which is ready for close to three years and is now finally seeing the light of the day. A sports drama, it has music by Sudhakar Dutt Sharma and Nickk with lyrics by Sunil Sirvaiya. With four songs in there with a couple of them carrying 'Champs' in the lyrics, one waits to hear what is in the offering.


Electronic guitar comes into play right at the beginning of 'Champs Don't Cry', a motivational number about aiming for the final goal and not really getting impacted by the hindrances that may come along. Sudhakar gets himself on board as the singer for this song that could well create the record for the hook words coming as late as two minute into the duration. While that still works and so do the guitar strings, overall the song just stays on to be ordinary.

Next to arrive is 'Himmat' and this time it is Nickk who gets to do his pop rendition, though he gets really off track when the need of the hour is to get into high pitch. The song pretty much continues to be in the same setting as the first one in the album as it is about 'never giving up' and 'continuing to keep on trying'. Though this one too is a motivational number, it stays on to be quite slow, low key and subdued right through its four minute duration.

It is time for a 'sufi' outing with Sudhakar bringing on 'Maula' which is so sad and depressing that it makes you just play on the next in line within first 30 second itself. Over the years, songs belonging to this genre have been so much over exposed that it is tough to bring yourself in synch with yet another number belonging to the same kind. Moreover, the composition itself is no great shakes which further pulls you away.

Last to arrive is 'Champs Hein Hum' and yet again it is the mix of 'Champs' and 'Himmat' that are borrowed from the first two songs and presented all over again as a new song. This time, both Nickk and Sudhakar are heard in the song and surprisingly, for a film that has a girl as the central protagonist, the voice of a female singer is heard for the first time around. Neha Chauhan and Aprita are the girls in question and they too arrive quite late in the day (as a chorus) at the two minute point. Another ordinary number, which gets into a strange diversion with the sound of 'Saare Jahan Se Achchan' arriving out of nowhere.


Skip it.


'Champs Don't Cry'

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