4 Very Good


ROBOT,The Costliest Indian Movie And One Of The Most Awaited Movie Of The Year.Robot Feautures Rajnkanth After 3 years.Robot Has A Lot OF Hype And Hooplah Around It.Can Robot Meet Those Humungous Expectations? Robot Has A Thrilling Storyline.The Concept Sounds Very interesting.But Is Robot Interesting On The Celluloid? The Answer Is A Big YES.The Screenplay Of Robot Is As Interesting As Its Story.First Half And The Second Half,Both Are Very Entertaining.Dialouges Are Perfectly Dubbed In The Hindi Version.The Climax Is Extraordinary.Backround Score Is Good. Music Doesnt Has Much Scope.'NAINA MILEY' Is The Best Of The Lot.Special Effects Are The Highpoint
Of The Movie.These Special Effects (Especially The Climax Scene) Are Never Seen Before On The Indian Screen.Action Is Thrilling And Entertaing.
Cinematography Is Beautifull And Awe-Inspiring. Direction By Shankar Is Brilliant.His Execution Of The Subject Is Praiseworthy.ROBOT Also Works Due To Its Superb Performances By Its Cast.Rajni Sir Is The BAAP Of Acting.His Portrayal Of Robot Is Excellent.He Is A Delight To Watch.Aishwarya Rai Is The Best Actress Of Bollywood.She Is Amazing.Her Role Doesnt Demand Historinics But Her Portrayal Of 'SANA' Is Fantastic.Though Her Role Is Not The Title Role,ROBOT Would Be Incom-plete Without Aishwarya Rai.She Also Looks Out Of The World.She Is The Most Beautifull Actress.Her Dialouge Delivery Is Awesome.Danny Denzongpa Is Good.The Remaining Cast Have Done A Good Job. Overall,ROBOT Is The Changing Face Of Indian Cinema.Watch It For Eciting Visual Effects And Award-Winning Performance By Rajni Sir And Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.MUST WATCH !!!!