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It is futile to have many expectations from a soundtrack when it barely manages to make its presence felt on the stands only after the release of the film. One in fact ends up wondering about the confidence level of the presenters due to this very fact since a poor soundtrack release like this is hardly expected to help the music sales much. Moreover on checking the credit details, one realises that there is only song in the album which is a part of the film and that too is reworked version. Moreover, the remaining seven songs have been extracted from other non-film albums and labelled as 'songs inspired by the film'. Well, one waits to hear what is really in store here.


Remember the evergreen track 'Sar Jo Tera Chakraye' (Pyaasa)? This creation of S.D. Burman and Sahir Ludhianvi is presented in a heavily accented avtar with Sylvia Gordon coming up with her own take on the original. Titled 'Tel Maalish', this song is the re-worked version of the original and doesn't excite at all. In fact right from the time Sylvia begins to render the track, one knows that it is going to be an exercise in futility as there is not much to look forward to in four minutes that follow.

No wonder, the music company had to add songs like 'Dekha Hai Aise Bhi' and 'Kaisi Tanhai' (both by Lucky Ali from the albums 'Sofar' and 'Aks' respectively) to add some weight to the album. In a way, this is an understandable move as well as the songs fit the 'road movie' genre of this Abhay Deol starrer well and keep a consistent mood on. Same is the case with KK sung 'Mehki Hawa' as well from his 'Pal'. A lesser heard number, it keeps the pace consistent for this album which has a haunting 'Heer - The Search' (from Mitti - Songs of the Soul) by Sukhwinder Singh to boast of. An eight minute piece, it is a perfect lounge outing with the theme of 'sona sajan ghar aao'. From the same album, the track 'Kesariya Balam' is extracted as well. Given the fact that 'Road, Movie' has a Rajasthan setting to it, this fusion version by Sowmya Raoh is not really a bad inclusion.

To go with the mood of the album, there are two Kailash Kher tracks included from his 'Kailasa'. While 'Naiharwa' is an out and out folk track, 'Bheeg Gaya Mera Mann', which is yet another long track, follows the similar route and takes the listener all the way to Cherrapunjee. A lively track to end the album.


As stated earlier, the biggest disappointment of the album is the one which has actually been created to promote Road, Movie - 'Tel Malish'. Leaving that aside, the other numbers, which ironically are not a part of the film, do lend the album some credibility. However, that is not really expected to help its cause because of three reasons - poor marketing, uneven placement on the music stands and overall promotion. No wonder, there are not many aware that a soundtrack of 'Road, Movie' was even released.



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