1.5 Average

Rakht Charitra – I

This is a Ram Gopal Varma's movie.He is a so so Director.He made this movie in 2parts.I saw 1st part.This movie's 1st part is too fighting-full that is not want people to see this.This movie's story is that Because of politic Vivek Oberoi lost his father and his brother.He is a gunda.Then he want to kill his father's killer.Then Vivek Oberoi come to the politic.That's this 1st part's story.After see the 1st part i did not want to see the other part.
Vivek Oberoi done a ok job.Shatrughan Sinha's roll is very small but he is good.Vivek Oberoi's girl friend who come his wife she is also good.This movie's music is too bad.This is a flop movie.