2.5 Good

Rakht Charitra – I

I entered the cinema hall to watch RC-1 keeping in mind RGV’s previous frustrating movies but also with a hope to get awestruck and providentially, I was not at all thwarted.

From the posters only, a person can make out film is about settling of scores with lots of blood-shed and guess what? RC-1 delivers nothing more.

Lots of remarkable things are there for this latest flick. One thing is for sure, no one can swivel cameras like RGV in bollywood. Brand new-fangled ideas are incorporated this time to impress the audience in terms of direction. After the person being killed mercilessly, director will show something infinitely unusual and undeniably that’s the trademark of the film maker. 2 of my favorite scenes are one in which main villain gets killed and the director will astutely zoom into the hoarding showing a innocent girl smiling and the next one follows it right after i.e. a small boy gets back his ball. There are lots more; you got to see it to believe in immeasurable strength of RGV.

Background Score matches the tone of the movie perfectly and that’s the soul of the movie. Fatality has never been shown with such conviction. In terms of dialogues, film has got more than enough to electrify you. During the peppy chat between the leads, Viveik’s justification of being unique with “Seedhe log hamesha tedhe hi dikhte he” is a memorable one. Screenplay is understandable and vey much substantial.

In terms of acting, each and every one delivers a confident and concrete performance andViveik Oberoi as Pratap Ravi is the meteor of the movie (star has not been used as the theme and character seemed cruel). Abhimanyu singh as Bukka Reddy is a kind of merciless villain which when comes onscreen generates a ton of curiosity in viewers and that's the praise every villian never gets.

A classic way of marketing sequel to this movie is worth appreciating. Teaser of RC-2 showed nothing but the same vengeance saga.

RGV is a director who has got everything to make a sensible movie but as always he chooses to make a nonsense movie. At times during watching this movie, I also felt as if he is making film for his personal viewing. A viewer gets nothing to stockpile in their hearts after exiting cinema hall. This is a kind of movie one can say, is strictly for RGV fans and some jerks who adore merciless killings. For others, I would say stay “far far away” from this one !