5 Excellent

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Amir khan that is lies the real super star and rael legend actor currently is S.R.K nor Amir nor salman no other. that is the reality and you have to live with it whether you like it or no .srk has and will continue to achieve what no any indian actor achieved that before coz srk is a good human being, srk is a good actor than you and salman, srk acting is a gift from rab, srk give us happiness in our life and has the bless of 10 billions fans world wide and always your stupid critism wont hurt srk popularity and your chamchagiri to amitabh wont help your popularity.amir you cant act and you are in the industry coz your dad was a film producer and director or you dont have talent like srh or akki. amir and salman are jealousy of srk success and achievement and rab will give srk more success in films and life too as he is a nice human being and not hypocrite like you always saying bad things against srk. your ghajini is a flop and stupid film and would be washed away soon .