0.5 Poor

This really came as a shock bcoz RNBDJ is not a ordinary movie. It comes from the director of DDLJ.
Giving the music in hands of Salim-Suleiman was a disaster. SEL or Vishal-Shekhar would have been a better choice.

The songs are worst. Barring Haule Haule and Phir Milenge all others are literally DUDs. The review on this site has given it 3 stars saying that picturisation would be excellent. Well if it all was to be left to picturisation, then Aditya Chopra could have better opted for some B-Grade MD, why give to Salim-Sulieman.

S-S really dissapoint after the chartbuster score of fashion. Now its upto Ghajini to end the year on a good note.