2 Average


RA.ONE might surely be one visual spectacle from start to end, boasting of one of the best computer graphics ever seen in the Indian Cinema ever, perfectly knit with a story that is Indian at heart, and has some great performances from the leading cast, with a special mention to the kid, Armaan & the evil Arjun Rampal, but sorry to say, it ends up being a VIDEO GAME for children, nothing else!
The movie is Robot meets Terminator meets Tron Legacy meets Toonpoor Ka Superhero (climax especially) with some stunt inputs from Spiderman.
Indian cinema still has miles to go before coming up with a superhero movie. Infact this one doesn't even get above our own ROBOT.
All I can say it is meant strictly for kids!
P.S. Watch it in 3D, you might like it better!