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Pyaasa Movie Rating

Triple Aar Movies' PYAASA is a love triangle with revenge as its base.

Sooraj (Aftab Shivdasani) aspires to be a millionaire some day, but all hopes of making it big are quashed by his father (Govind Namdev) and uncle (Anang Desai), who don't approve of selling their ancestral land.

Enters Sheetal (Yukta Mookhey), a tycoon, who hires Sooraj to work for her business empire. Prem (Zulfi Syed) is Sooraj's cousin and an accomplished businessman, whom Sooraj detests.

In a shrewd and calculating move, Sheetal sets up Sooraj against Prem. The reason, which Sheetal reveals subsequently, is to seek revenge from Prem's father (Anang Desai). What happens next?

PYAASA is a typical commercial film with loads of everything ? romance, action, songs? Presented in an oft-repeated fashion, the film turns out to be a predictable fare as the plot thickens.

Although the basic idea is interesting and the suspense element is maintained right through the first half, the film loses its balance in the post-interval portions when the romantic track and the revenge angle run simultaneously.

Moreover, the film tends to get lengthy in this half and the climax, though well executed, follows the beaten path with blood and gore dominating the latter reels. Actually, the climax could've done without action.

A love triangle ought to have hit music, but in this case the songs are of a mixed variety. Yet, 'Chori Chori Tu, Dil Ko Chura Le Gayee' and 'Milti Hain, Jhukti Hain, Sharmaati Hain' stand out.

Cinematography (Harmeet Singh, Sanjay Malwankar) is appealing. Dialogues (Jalees Sherwani) are excellent at places. Action scenes (Bhiku Verma ? Pappu Verma) are alright.

This is Yukta Mookhey's debut vehicle and though the actress is camera friendly, she tends to get loud at times. Yet, there's no denying that she comes across confidently on screen. However, she ought to take care of her make-up and outfits.

Aftab Shivdasani gives it all to this role, but a mature-looking hero would've suited this part better. Although Aftab delivers the right expressions, he is not convincing considering the fact that the role required a mature looker.

Zulfi Syed looks photogenic and his boyish looks will win him admirers amongst youth. As an actor, he is alright considering this to be his first film. His introduction is well executed.

Amongst character artistes, Govind Namdev and Anang Desai register an impact. Smita Jaykar, as always, is first-rate. Saadhika is fair.

On the whole, PYAASA is aimed at the masses and may find some flavour with those who like masala fares.

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