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Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Music Review



One expects a fun soundtrack in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. The first in the series didn't really have memorable music but fitted in well into the narrative. Also, it turned out to be more popular after the release since it was more of a situational soundtrack. Now in the sequel, composer Hitesh Sonik returns with a guest composition from Sharib-Toshi. Multiple lyricists contribute for the four songs in the album.


Yet again, it is a song on 'daaru', 'sharaab' and 'botal' that kick-starts the proceedings in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. Frankly, this genre has been overdone now and one just hopes that there is a stop to this by 2015 and something new emerges in next year. For now though, Sharib-Toshi step in as composers and singers for 'Sharabi' that also has Raja Hasan taking over the mike. Written by Late Akram Sabri and Kumaar with Danish Sabri contributing with rap, this one is fast paced which makes four minutes pass by in a jiffy. While that would help the film stay fast paced, as a standalone number it just passes muster.

Thankfully, the next to arrive is a chartbuster all the way, what with Hitesh Sonik taking over the proceedings and coming up with an immensely catchy tune that fetches your attention in the first listening itself. Lyricist Kumaar does well in spinning funny Hinglish lyrics that make 'Paro' a major winner in the making. One just hopes that this dance number was promoted even more aggressively as it could well have joined the ranks of some of the biggest tracks of the year so far. In fact the zeal with which Dev Negi and Shipra Goyal sing this one instantly brings on a smile on your face. Check this one out.

The next to arrive is a classy love track which is in the Pritam/Vishal-Shekhar mode in the way it is composed and written while being complimented with the picturisation style that reminds one of Farhan Akhtar/Zoya Akhtar films. Hitesh Sonik comes up with one of his best songs till date in 'Heeriye' where he steps in as a composer as well as lyricist. He also takes a wise decision in bringing on Mohit Chauhan as the singer who croons with his heart in, something which is expected from him. A beautiful number, it deserves to be heard and seen repeatedly.

Writer-director Luv Ranjan is the lyricist for Hitesh Sonik composed 'Moorakh' which lends an average closure to the album. A situational song which questions men for their fascination with women, it could well be the one that appears at multiple junctures in the film. While Divya Kumar's rendition may bring in some interest when heard with the plight of the protagonists in the course of the film, as a standalone number it isn't the kind that makes you sing it along.


The soundtrack of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 turns out to be a decent hear where none of the songs disappoint. However, a much more aggressive and wider promotion would have helped its cause. That said, over a period of time, 'Paro' and 'Heeriye' would certainly find attention and appreciation.


'Paro', 'Heeriye'

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