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Poster Boys Music Review


Poster Boys


Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol are back, though this time not as brothers, in Shreyas Talpade's Poster Boys. Not just has Shreyas directed the film, he is also one of the three main leads in the film. One doesn't really expect a musical out of Poster Boys and hence whatever is offered by a team of composers and lyricists via four tracks in the film, one picks that up.


As is the trend, even Sunny Deol is tempted to recreate a song of his from the past. The chosen one is 'Kudiya Shehar Diyan' from Arjun Pandit, and while Daler Mehendi is brought back as the singer, Alka Yagnik is replaced by Neha Kakkar. Tanishk Bagchi is entrusted with the responsibility to bring his own touch to the song, especially in the beginning portions, and he does rather well to ensure that even in 2017 this one turns out to be a rollicking outing. Shabbir Ahmed adds on further words to what Javed Akhtar had originally written and overall the song does turn out to be a good hear all over again.

The song that turns out to be even better though is Rishi Rich composed 'Kendhi Menoo'. This one is in a traditional Richie Rich mode as you tap along your feet with the beats which carry wonderful hook to them. Written by Kumaar, this fun track is sung well by Yash Narvekar, Sukriti Kakar & Ikka. In tandem, the team ensures that you smile through well as the song plays. Moreover, the song has a good recall value to it and entices you well enough to play this one all over again.

Unfortunately though the excitement stays on to be limited as soon enough boredom steps in with Kailash Kher singing to the tune of Sunai Marathe & Shreyas Iyengar. A sufi devotional outing, 'Noor E Khuda' written by Saurabh Pandey is yet another addition to dozens of songs belonging to this genre which come, bore and then soon enough disappear. With a sad tone to it, this one even risks the narrative to drag along on screen.

Newcomer Sonny Ravan composes and writes 'The Posterboys Anthem' which is rendered by Shree D. This one tries to be all energetic and fun but doesn't really cover the distance. It aims at making a statement on the functioning of the government but what you get to hear eventually is a situational track that has its shelf life restricted to the film's narrative and that's about it.


The music of Poster Boys is a mixed bag. While it starts off well with a couple of dance numbers, the conclusion is rather tepid.


‘Kendhi Menoo’, ‘Kudiya Shehar Diyan’

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