1.5 Average

Om Shanti Om

Hi Taran, I admired you and Indiafam so much. But my belief is sinking. I want to mention here GURU Scene, Mithun who is the Editor of news paper and GURU misuse Mithun News paper for his pleasure despite that News Paper is bound to deliver fact. The same scene is happend with India FM. India FM is a Media Partner of OSO and earning money with OSO so India FM and you deliver extra Ordinary Hype of this average movie not only you HT's Khalid Mohomad gave 4 star of this average movie. Sharukh was fine but not great in that movie and Director Farah Khan who was not able to deliver even a single memorable scene. Not only India FM, HT, even CNN IBN's Rajiv Masnad who gave 3 star of this movie becasue Sharukh was presenting Dard E Disco contest with CNN IBN. So My friend you can judge yourself that how marketing and money (i mean business) can change the duty of Moview sites and News Channels. They are bound to deliver face but these are also doing Business. Taran please stand with the Fact.