2.5 Good

Om Shanti Om

Watching OSO was just like watching the COMEDY SHOW ON STAR ONE..it was just a collection of spoofs..i donno how farha khan calls it a tribute to 70s..she has outrightly insulted the senior stars...she has nt made anything related to 70 s that touch the heart strings but just made things look funny...anyways intial crowds to the movie wud be because of SRK of course..although all the characters have done their roles well, the basic strong story line is lacking!! I havent seen sawariya still but i wonder if the 2 movies cud be compared since SLB is known to be a director who makes movies that touch the heart strings because of the sensitivity involved!! OSO was clearly targeted at NRI audience(had to be otherwise how else cud SRK get back the amount that he used in overdoing the promotion)..indian audiences will go intially but i guess collections gonna fall as the movie clearly has no logic except for few great songs!!