4 Very Good

No One Killed Jessica

watching the trailer that this movie's gonna create news. So, do the whole nation thought after watching the stunning trailer. The most strong star casting ever (Rani Mukherji & Vidya Balan), the director who gave us a inspiring movie like "Aamir" previously and the first movie to highlight on Jessica Case, everything made NO ONE KILLED JESSICA a winner already. What was people eagerly waiting was the release of the movie. The first movie of a new year made a massive blast of which noise can be heard till the end of the year.

Based on the most true and shameful story about Jessica Lall murder case, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA deals with the murder of Jessica Lall(Myra Karn), an actor & model who was shot dead at a pub for not giving drinks to a son of Politician Manish Bharadwaj(Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub). 300 prime suspects refused to see anything there, but only 7 wanted to be witnesses at the court. But Manish's father Pramod Bharadwaj(Shireesh Sharma) bought everyone for the sake of his son. Jessica's sister Sabrina(Vidya Balan) tried everything for bringing justice to her sister but 7 years later, she lost her case. Meera Gayti(Rani Mukherji), a journalist now takes oath to prove Manish guilty and bring justice to Jessica.

For being based on such a strong plot, NOKJ had to prepare a good screenplay which seemed to be not such a hard work after you watch the whole movie. Story, Screenplay & Dialogues everything was delivered from Raj Kumar Gupta, the director himself and he has managed everything very well. But the strong performances by Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan casted magic on everything. Without such a good plot, acting and screenplay, everything would have been wasted.

In other ways, what PRATIM D. GUPTA has said in TELEGRAPH, that NOKJ is a very angry movie because it really has a f-word in every 5 minutes and middle fingers raising at every half-an-hour. But after watching, PEEPLI [LIVE], this one is not nothing new. It's a relief that CENSOR Board haven't beeped them, because without the middle fingers and f-words, the scene wouldn't have become so lively. Rani Mukherji's stunning moo-phat & ferocious act & Vidya's ;Don't lose hope' principles were just the ingredients that the movie lusted for.

Rani Mukherji, as Meera was tremendous in her role. She's society-conscious, smart, intelligent, arrogant and f-off type of person. Only she took the responsibility to bring justice to not only Jessica but also the whole nation. After a long period, we saw in her what we wanted to see for years.

On the other hand, Vidya Balan was courageous, hopeful and free-spirited. She wasted 6 years of work, love & life for her sister's justice because she had hope in Law but at last, she broke down. Sabrina was brought up in Vidya Balan withe extreme brilliance. After winning the best actress awards for two years(2010,2011), she has proved that she can repeat that as much as she can.

Rajesh Sharma's character of N.K. was powerful and even it was not-so-big role in the movie, he left deep scars. Neel Bhoopalam as Vikram was good. Shireesh Sharma was excellent. Yogendra Tikku & Geeta Sudan were fine as Sabrina & Jessica's parents. Others were well.

Music by Amit Trivedi had failed in "AAMIR", but this time he strikes the right chord which worked wonders for the movie. The songs sounded very well in background and added special charm to every situation. The tracks that one will remember were DILLI, AITBAAR & DUA. Aarti Bajaj did a good editing. Now come to Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction, everything was managed by one dude, who is Raj Kumar Gupta and he has done nothing but helped the fire to spread away throughout the movie. Every dialog, every scene was as strong as the system was being slapped hard on its face.

Allover, NOKJ has made a spectacular start for the year. If morning shows the day, then 2011 can be the luckiest ace in Bollywood. Strong performances, Powerful screenplay along with a something more-than-real plot has been tremendously directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. We see Rani Mukherji in a new avatar and she is back at what she had been previously. Vidya Balan continues with another spectacular movie in her filmography and Raj Kumar Gupta is diverting Bollywood to new direction. Final Word will be, If you are addicted to spontaneous experiences and hate to waste money to be bored, then 'No One Killed Jessica' is the thing you won't love to miss.