4.5 Excellent

No One Killed Jessica

This Movie will just shake you inside out!! It's a sad commentary on how the democracy is reduced to a garbage bin by the rich and powerful to cover their criminal activities. Movie starts from the point of view of Rani Mukherjee who is a journalist in NDTV.

The film greatly captures the horror and drama of the real life killing of Jessica Lal and the trauma her family had to undergo because of insensitivity and cowardliness of the witnesses and the system. How the criminal justice system can be shockingly manipulated by some bureaucrats and politicians is seen to be believed.

Rani and Vidya both acted superbly in their respective roles to give some very memorable performances. All credit to the Director to make a film on such a sensitive issue and at the same time making it a gripping and entertaining thriller. The movie forces us to think whether we all are responsible enough towards the betterment of society we live in or are just hypocrites. Must Watch for everyone!!