3 Good


Arjun (neil) and Meera (anushka) are a happy couple with plush jobs in a big city but Meera suffers a jolt when an attempt to molest her takes place. In a bid to take her mind off that incident, Arjun decides to take her to a nice place to celebrate her birthday. They take the NH10 and it is here that they witness an honor killing led by Satbir (Darshan Kumar) and a group. Things take a turn with cops not cooperating and the killers after Arjun and Meera. At one point, Arjun gets deeply wounded and it is only Meera who has to take care of things. What happens after that forms the rest.

The director has come up with a hard hitting storyline and while the presentation was nice, the narrative was engaging in parts. The dialogues were filled with expletives but they fit the scenario. The script was average to above and the screenplay was good. The background score was intense and one song was worth listening. Cinematography was the main strength to this film. Editing was upto the mark. Costumes didn't have much work while the art department was realistic. Neil Bhoopalam gave a subdued performance and made his presence felt. Anushka Sharma has evolved as a great performer in this one, she is spectacular, and to watch out for in the climax. Another revelation comes in the form of Darshan Kumar, he was superb. Deepti Naval was superb.

The evil of honor killings still continue in the north India and it is tough to deal with such hardened people. But the way the principal characters deal with it has been done well. The first half goes on a breezy note with elements of some romance, some fun and some lighter moments. The interval bang was a twist. The second half gets into a completely serious mode and there is a lot of gore and blood which is raw. Overall, this is a film that talks about issues that plague India today. Things like Caste issues,Honour killing, and the need for women empowerment. And even minor loopholes in the script, and predictability withstanding NH10 is riveting, a fine film that needs to be watched for its positive message for women. Dir Navdeep Singh has made a real film, a film of todays times, but the films violence will be hard to stomach for some, but he needs to applauded for such a gripping,fast and raw film.Watch this film because it gives all the right messages of how India needs to change for the better.