5 Excellent


Lighting up her cigarette with the matchstick lying deserted from its owner, Anushka, with the slightest hold on to the edge of her sanity and an enigmatic facial expression, picks up the inanimate steel built strut from the ground and with the shrill, clanging sound of the steel being dragged along the concrete road, she lays down the groundwork for her revenge.

Navdeep Singh has not only made the most out of a road trip gone wild but has also filled in each of the scenes a continual thrill, of psyche driving in a meandering path of moral uncertainty and of the exceptional screenplay with Darshan Kumaar as the village ruffian and Sharma as the shackle breaker.

Keeping itself as the very point of interest throughout its complete time span of a near-2 hour crime drama, the movie becomes more and more worthy of your extol as you seek deeper through the story. While staying perfectly true to realism, NH10, with excellent direction, a finely crafted story and brilliant performances, shines as Singh's undiluted masterpiece.