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Nehlle Pe Dehlla Music Review


Nehlla Pe Dehlla is one of the rare films that has actually benefited with a delay. With its leading star cast of Sanjay Dutt

and Saif Ali Khan enjoying the best period of their career and Bipasha Basu, Kim Sharma and Neha Dhupia still in the reckoning,

Ajay Chandok may actually be happy to finally have a debut directorial venture to his name, even though it comes after a while.

With comedies being in vogue and film economics taking a new shape for the better, all Nehlle Pe Dehlla needs now is some

aggressive and planned publicity with focus on film's comic elements. And if music by Anand Raj Anand and a number of guest

composers turns out to be reasonably good then it's only more advantage for Nehlle Pe Dehlla. Well, after hearing the

album, one feels that music is actually a disadvantage for the film!

'Parvar Digara' by K.K. and Tulsi Kumar is the first track to arrive in this album from which one expects a youthful

and peppy score sans any romantic 'pyaar mohabbat' songs due to the film's genre. In that context, 'Parvar Digara'

written by Panchhi Jalonvi is a fine beginning as Tulsi Kumar dominates the proceedings of this item number choreographed on

Neha Dhupia. Guest composer Pritam who is in form at the moment gives another fine foot-tapping number.

Surprisingly K.K. has a limited role to play in this composition as all he does is appear as a gap filler for the words 'Parvar

Digara Haara Dil Haara' that aids in creating the rhythm the song. And yes, if you hear closely, this rhythm is directly on the

lines of Vishal Shekhar's 'Cham Se Wo Aa Jaaye' [Dus] ! As expected, the remix version comes a little while later. Since

the song is anyways foot tapping, one doesn't quite mind hearing it again with an added zing.

Sound of a crowd roaring in the background gives an impression that 'Hoga Hoga Khuda Gawah' is a stage number.

Crooned by Zubin Garg of 'Ya Ali' fame, this Sameer number has a very basic rock tune and is saved mainly by the techno

arrangements imparted to it. A club feel is given to the entire composition that more or less camouflages the singing part (mainly

because it is composed by DJ Suketu). As a dance number, it doesn't have much to offer as it turns out to be quite routine and now

all depends upon the way it choreographed and the star power that may just manage to pull it off.

Aah....it's so ordinary! One can't help but exclaim this within a minute of hearing 'Husn Husn'. A very early 90s

kind of romantic dance number for which one saw the likes of Govinda-Karisma/Govinda-Raveena dance on the Swiss hills or

Lokhandwala streets. This Dev Kohli written track has some preset beats running in the background that aim at spicing up this

lukewarm song but to no avail. Also, while along with Jaspinder Narula, Sonu Nigam has been credited as a male crooner, it sounds

more like the voice of Shaan.

'Tauba Re Tauba Meri Kamsin Jawani, Ban Jaaye Na Ye Koyi Kahaani' - as soon as you hear these priceless lines, you

know what is in there for the offering. Titled 'Imaan Dol Jaayenge', it is an absolute forgettable number that

wouldn't have worked even 5 years back, let aside working in 2007. An apology of a song by Sunidhi Chauhan and Vinod Rathod

that doesn't even fly as an item number, it is so very 90s that you look back in embarrassment at the music that ruled the roost then!

Crooned by Shaan, title song 'Nehlle Pe Dehlla' comes later in the day and sounds like a good candidate for a

promotional music video to be choreographed around it. With a good neck swaying effect it has on you, this Panchhi Jalonvi written

number may not be the greatest of compositions but does well in creating a peppy mood. An assembly of western arrangements

work well for the song of this genre which has a potential to create awareness about the film if promoted well a fortnight or so

before the film releases.

There is another version of the title song that comes next but to one's surprise it turns out to be an entirely new composition rather

than being just a remix or a rearranged version of the title song that came first. Lasting just a couple of minutes, this Nitin Shankar

composition seems to have been created for the opening credits of the film. An average sounding track with not much retention

power, this Shabbir Ahmed written track has Kunal Ganjawala and Shaan going through the motions.

Nehlle Pe Dehlla seems to have been an album on which work would have started in 1980 or may be 1985! Otherwise how

could one explain a track like 'Bottle Mein Main' which has Mithun Chakravorty written all over it? Crooned by

Abhijeet, Vinod Rathod and Sunidhi Chauhan and written by Salim Bijnori, it is about a man who is drunk and the other who is

trying to make him become sober. With guest composer Dabboo Malik at the helm, this situational number is a very quick pass and

would appeal to a miniscule segment of audience at the single screens who still adore their Sanju baba of the 80s!

Now this one has to be the first! It seems music company T-Series is obsessed with the song 'Dil Naiyyo Maane

Ne' since it has been trying to incorporate this number in a film for the third time. A duet between Himesh Reshammiya

and Tulsi Kumar, it has been heard before in the music albums of Phir Hera Pheri and Ahista Ahista but didn't

feature in any of the two films. Will they be third time lucky with Nehlla Pe Dehlla?

Years back Nikhil Vinay and lyricist Faaiz Anwar had created a song called 'Shararati' for the small film Koi

Mere Dil Mein Hai. While Shaan has sung this song, Saumyajit Ghosh is the one to have come behind the mike for this dance

number. Lyrics of the song do not really make you jump with excitement but the music at least makes you tap your feet along.

When compared to some very ordinary numbers preceding it, this one is passable at the least.

From a lukewarm album like Nehlla Pe Dehlla, one hardly expects an impressive end. Well, this lack of expectations is held

good with 'Neele Neele Aankhon Wali' which is as boring as it gets. One wonders what prompted lyricist Dev Kohli

and composer Anand Raj Anand to zero in on this track? Mika Singh and Tarannum Malik seem to be sleep walking while

rendering this drag of a song that is hard to bear beyond the first one minute.

Nehlla Pe Dehlla has the kind of music that can be best ignored, especially at the very beginning of the year. Also, makers

of the film should go for the publicity of the talkie portions rather than the music because except for 'Parvar Digaar' to an

extent, they don't have enough ammunition to have the film's publicity rely on its music.

Highly disappointing.

Nehlle Pe Dehlla 1.5 Joginder Tuteja 20070108

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