2.5 Good

I am glad that a movie was made(an inspiration) on the life of the late Neerja Bhanot. Frankly, if not for the movie, I'd not have known(like many of us) or be reminded about the brave air hostess or the Pan Am hijacking. So, the effort behind this cinema has to be applauded. Besides releasing this tribute, the noteworthy achievement of the movie has been the construction of the hijacked plane(looks amazingly convincing on screen), the music, the edge of the seat tension and the heartwarming mother-daughter relationship.

Although the film has its share of flaws(including the weak final moments in the plane), it's a work that's to be appreciated for the attempt to show us what it must have been like for a young lady to make split second decisions to save hundreds of lives under extreme circumstances. The movie can provoke you to think how you'd have reacted(as a passenger or staff) in such a situation and if you'd have been as daring or defiant.

Talking about the performances, although Sonam Kapoor got a great role, the greater performance came from Shabana Azmi as her mother. She was simply stellar and probably the highlight of her role is at the end, when she speaks about her daughter. The speech is a heart wringer. Talking about Neerja the character, to essay it is like once in a lifetime opportunity even among the best