3.5 Very Good

Once in a few years comes a story so compelling and true that one needs to watch it...and when you get treated with sheer brilliance on screen from the direction to acting to casting, you could not ask for a better deal..

The soft hearted ones like me will need a lot of tissue throughout the movie and there will be moments when you would want to cry out loud for the helplessness of a Mother who has no option but to stay strong...The relation of Mother-Daughter is portrayed beautifully and Sonam does justice to a role tailor made for her (and I say this not being a fan of Sonam's acting)...Shabana Azmi delivers a power-packed performance just as was expected of her..

All in All a wonderful movie...a movie that jolts you somewhere and make you want to rise to a few occasions in your daily life too, where a little bravery if not as much as Neerja showed can be portrayed..

Must Watch!